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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


For Samantha's first Reconciliation I curled her hair.  
Which means, of course, that Charlotte wanted her hair curled too!
I love her facial expressions in the mirror!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

First Reconciliation

The anticipation was almost too much.  I almost wish the school didn't "prep" you so much as I think it just feeds your anxiety.  We did an examination of conscience.  I read (age appropriate) questions from my examination of conscience cheat sheet.  Whenever you thought of something you would tell me to "stop" and write down what you thought of.  You took advantage of being able to tell me when to stop, but eventually took it seriously!
With your sins written down and tucked into your sock (you were so worried you'd forget) you proudly walked back to a line of a priest you "didn't know" (very important to you).  Daddy was home with Genevieve.  Charlotte and I waited and waited.  You finally came back and said your Penance.  
And the tears just filled my eyes. 
We were SO proud of you!

Idea stolen from a friend.  You got your ears pierced!

Charlotte was veeeery observant. After seeing a baby get hers done and you get yours done, she's declared that she will NEVER get her ears pierced.

Hair pinned back...getting a little nervous

A few tears...

...that INSTANTLY disappeared once you saw the mirror!

And yes, just as we've affirmed 1000x times since you got them pierced, your rainbow diamond daisy studs look fabulous!

Monday, March 20, 2017


Charlotte asked to use my phone to take a picture of her drawing.

Here is her picture she took.

And here are the other pictures that followed:

That's 175, in case you were curious.  
761 if you count the ones "compressed" into collections automatically by the camera.
She had my phone for about 5 minutes.

Friday, March 17, 2017


Sh...the Eyebrows are talking!!

9.5 months

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chop Sticks

This favorite red-head stayed with us for the weekend.  He was a blast and we look forward to many more sleepovers with him!

No-longer-a-baby Gabby!

Playing chop-sticks after dinner at HuHot.  Will not be going there again.  Jeremy and I got food poisoning! 

The kids didn't, however, because they DIDN'T EAT ANYTHING.  They just wanted to play with chopsticks.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Water Bottle

This one is OBSESSED with my water bottles.  
And God Forbid it is empty.  Even though she doesn't know how to drink from it.  
She will crawl to a table under a waterbottle and flip-out because it's "so close yet so far away- GIVE IT TO ME!"
She saw me take a drink and wailed. Jeremy was so confused.  I casually handed her my water bottle and Jeremy BURST out laughing, "Seriously?!?  THAT's what she wanted??"

Yup...it's so pretty

I gots it.  It's MINE!

This is how she knows if it has water in it.

The morning she would NOT put it down.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Physical Therapy

In late December I pointed out to Sam's doctor that she still couldn't straighten her arm all the way or touch her shoulder. 
I guess four months post injury, this is not good.
So we started physical therapy.  
Twice a week for 30 minutes these two waited oh so patiently while our therapist worked on and measured Sam's ever so slow progress.

Every day, three times a day we stretched her arm at home.  It was not pretty.  I actually had to text to neighbor to let her know what was going on, less she heard Samantha and called CPS.

I wish I'd gotten a before, but this is HUGE improvement.  She still can't touch her shoulder unless I'm pushing and she's screaming at me, but we don't have to race to PT twice a week any more!

Ram Sam Sam

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