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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A week of Mondays

I really connected with my seniors this week. So much so that they ask me all the time now how much longer I have. They are eagerly counting down with me. Why, you ask?

Because my due date is their last day of school.


This week was looooooooooooooooong. Monday should have been Friday. Usually my weeks start of well and then tapper off from there. This week each day got a little better. May sound great- but when you finish Monday and burst into tears due to exhaustion- well, suddenly 4 days turns into 4 months. But, on the bright side, seeing what a witch I was on Monday, my students were angels for me the rest of the week.

But I guess they can only behave for one class a day, because they were hellians for everyone else.
Now, before I continue, I need to explain where I work. This is not your regular high school. It is suppose to be a place where kids who need to catch up on credits or need a smaller school setting go. But the regular schools see us as a dumping ground for all their problems. One principal was keeping kids out of her school, but not signing off for them to come to us. Her reasoning? Those kids were not problems- just behind. She wanted to send us her drug/violence kids, and was just waiting for them to be caught.

Let me sum that up-- she was not allowing kids who were behind in school to go to school so that she could later send us her problem kids.

So, I work at a school where more than half are on probation and are in and out of jail/court. The other half are teen-moms or moms-to-be, with a few regular kids who are just trying to catch up on credits.
Tuesday we had a sub. This sub is really our one-and-only. Few others willingly sub for us. And she is great with them- knows their names, histories and is so, so patient.
But like I said--they can only be good for one teacher per day.
She had to send more than half her class to the office each period. They were being horrible. They refused to work, stay in their seats and mouthed off to the sub like you wouldn't believe.

I was in the office at one point and heard one of the students explain why the sub was at fault and therefore they were all justified in their outragous behavior

The seating chart the teacher left was wrong.

That right. She was telling them to sit in the wrong spot.

The Horror.

And that was just Tuesday.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

28 Weeks!- 7 Months! 3rd Trimester!

Ok, I know I look smaller. I swear, I'm not! I think the baby is hiding in my back. The newest thing is being diagonal. Feet are on the left side of my pelvic bone, head is juuuust to the right of my right ribs.

In other news-
My sweet tooth has returned! I realized this a little too late the other day at a baby shower when I was on my 3rd double chocolate petifor. Any other week the thought of sweets made my face go sour. I wasn't too worried about my weight gain. All that sounded good were fruits and veggies.

Now? Crap. I have to regulate the food I eat.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Shirt II

So I was packing for a trip, pulling out clothes and what falls onto my lap?!?!

the shirt.

I guess it's back from vacation.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Circular Logic

The following was a conversation between another teacher and a student of mine who leaves quizes, tests and worksheets blank:

Teacher: Are you listening when Mrs. Lepper explains the lesson?
Student: Yes.
T: Do you understand it?
S: Yes
T: are you taking notes?
S: Yes
T: Do you ask questions when you are lost?
S: Yes
T: Does Mrs. Lepper help you?
S: Yes
T: Do you understand it after she explains it to you?
S: Yes
T: Then why don't you do your work?
S: Because I don't understand anything!


This morning, same student, 10 minutes after activity has started:

Me: Why haven't you started?
Student: I don't know what to write.
Me: What shape it this?
Student: Rectangle
Me: What's the area of a rectangle?
S: Base times height
Me: What's the base?
S: 6
Me: What's the height
S: 3
Me: So what's the area?
S: 6 times 3
Me: which is?
S: 18
Me: ok, good, write that down and keep going
S: But I don't know what to write!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Pregnancy Symptoms!

Apparently, only pregnant teachers do the following:

  • get on to students for wrestling over pencils
  • call out students who talk while the teacher is talking
  • want lids on the markers
  • have the audacity to wake up a sleeping student and make them answer a question
  • call students to the board
  • make students pick up paper/pens/pencils/kleenex boxes that are dropped on the floor
  • send students to the office for throwing a desk

At least, this is what they tell the principal and secretary. And I guess I'll know the error of my ways after the baby is born.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shirt

Today I had trouble finding a shirt. Please remember the following:

a) we live in a 500 square ft. apartment

b) I do laundry (and just finished it all yesterday)

c) I put the clothes in either our dresser or hanging up

So where, might I ask, IS MY SHIRT?!?! This morning I was frantically looking for my white undershirt. I was cycling through my drawers over and over. Anger was building inside me, "Where is it?!?!" I growled.
Jer was quietly reading on the couch. This was bugging me. There he was, reading, while I was obviously angry and had no one to pin my predicament on.

I considered just wearing a different shirt, as I was very late for work; but the shirt had ticked me off and it was personal.

I kicked my pillows around for the 3rd time, thinking maybe the shirt crawled under them while my back was turned. Nothing.
Grr...Jer was still not helping. The missing shirt was somehow partially his fault and he should be helping me look. Obviously he was not getting that message.

So I lovingly called to him, "WHERE IS THE &*%^*&$&% shirt?!?!?"

Jer tried to "help" by looking over my sholder while I looked for the 6th time. He quickly discovered he'd be more helpful looking elsewhere.

After 10 minutes of looking in sheets, the couch, under the bed, and my drawers for the 20th time, I gave up.

I've decided it's the cat's fault.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

27 Weeks

27 weeks: I've been sick (sinus crap) and the never-ending hunger has returned. I've been having random stretching pains (that can be self-induced, as I discovered whilst trying to pop my back). I do believe this all means one thing.

I have a tape-worm.

That, or some other little bug is growing inside me.

This pregnancy seems to be in a time-warp. I think I've been in the 20's for 3 months now.

May seems so far away- which is probably a good thing, considering we have 4 blankets and 20 or so diapers (for a 15-20 lb baby).

I think you're suppose to have more than that...

We'll see how this blog thing works. I follow 24 (and counting) blogs, so I figure it's time for me to share too. I've never been able to keep a diary, so this may just turn into a photo/video posting place for far away family and friends!

So, I figured I'd post some of our "plans" so we can all come back and laugh at them later!

1. We are hoping for a home-birth
2. We are going to try cloth diapers
3. I want to nurse
4. I would really really like a late April baby


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