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Sunday, February 22, 2009

28 Weeks!- 7 Months! 3rd Trimester!

Ok, I know I look smaller. I swear, I'm not! I think the baby is hiding in my back. The newest thing is being diagonal. Feet are on the left side of my pelvic bone, head is juuuust to the right of my right ribs.

In other news-
My sweet tooth has returned! I realized this a little too late the other day at a baby shower when I was on my 3rd double chocolate petifor. Any other week the thought of sweets made my face go sour. I wasn't too worried about my weight gain. All that sounded good were fruits and veggies.

Now? Crap. I have to regulate the food I eat.

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Sandra said...

Looking cute! I love the time when the baby starts moving and you can feel it...that's my ultimate favorite part of pregnancy!

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