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Friday, September 25, 2015

From other's points of view

Charlotte has a crazy sitter schedule.  At least once a week she's with my mom.  
 Amanda bought the girls dresses one day...just because!

Sam found Amanda's garage sale pile and became "Sunshine Girl".  She proceeded to turn ALL the lights on in the house to "save everyone from the darkness."

Waiting for cookies...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fly on the Wall

August 2015

After 3 days of it, I think it's official now- Charlotte sleeps in a "big-girl" bed!

I told Sam to come help me empty the dishwasher. She literally fell to the floor, howling in pain that her legs huuuuuuuuuuuuurt. *eyeroll*

Charlotte's answer to everything in the affirmative is now, "Yes I do." 
Do you want to get down? "Yes I do"
Did you get your book? "Yes I do"
Are you all done? "Yes I do"


July 2015

Sam wants the toothfairy to come again but doesn't want me to pull the (very loose) teeth she has...so she said, "Ok, mom, how about this- I've got a great idea- all we got to do is get some cardboard, cut it in the shape of a tooth, get a white crayon..."
Ok, seriously, how am I supposed to parent this child with a straight face?!?

"Mommy can you put my hair up?"
"Sure, go get a hair tie."
"Ok!" Gets down from the table, runs off, comes back and says, "I'm ready now!"
"Ok, where's the hair tie?"
"Oh, shoot, I forgot to grab one!"
-Most absent minded child EVER
"Did they write 'Kim' or 'Mom' on your nametag?"
-Sam when she saw my Family Feud picture with Amanda
"He's not even looking...it's right there on the floor in front of him."
"I KNOW. You do the SAME THING."
"Oh. Well I was looking exactly where YOU were pointing!"

"You're ruining my LIFE!" -Sam

reason my toddler is throwing a tantrum- she did NOT want the raspberries that I ate.

June 2015

"Samantha, why are you holding avocado on your foot?"
-something I actually said this morning
The answer? Her toe hurt...she needed something cold to put on it.
"Weird! The whole world is made from China!"

The church here in Arkansas in the middle of nowhere had a good 15 wasps flying around, landing in hair and on shirts. I managed to kill one after it landed in my hair. Kept the whole congregation wiiiiide awake.

May 2015

Charlotte has discovered my first name...
Sam was planning for her b-day party. 
"What should we have to drink?"
"For the kids or the adults?"
JackieNadean- WHAT is she doing with you guys after school?!?

April 2015

A rough morning this morning. Lots of tears all around. In the midst of it all I slapped down her pancake and said, "Here's your damn pancake." Which, of course, started tantrum #48 with a wail of "NOOOOOOO!!!! I don't want a DAMNED one!!!!!"

March 2015

"I gave up social media for Lent."
Teen at Godteens, "What does that mean for you people?"
"You people? What social media do us old people use?"
Teen, "Um...yeeeaaah...I mean, besides facebook."

Love the Beauty in Innocence: Lucy, "Addie and I almost said the "a" word twice at school today!". Me, "The "a" word...you mean, a-s-s?" Lucy, with an appalled look on her face, "NO! The "a" word that you're not supposed to say during lent!"

February 2015

Gabe has been with us this weekend. Boy, you want to annoy Jeremy and Samantha? Call Charlotte "he" and use all male pronouns. Good grief!
In the very touching "thank you" letters from students they all described me as "nice" over and over. Jeremy's response was "Well, you are...in a french way."

January 2015
"Dress like a teacher" day today. So far I've seen two who are me. The outfit? A maxi-skirt, tall boots and a grey scarf.
I just want to brag on Jeremy- I'm SO proud of him for being successful in his new career. He's been hired on by Nelnet! Yay for benefits and sick-days again!

"We're NOT supposed to talk about birthday parties at school!"
(Me agreeing) "And who told you that?"
"My boss!" 
"Your boss?"
"Yes! My boss! Sr. Mary Michael!"
"You mean your principal?"


So...Sam passed out from seeing her blood today and will now have a splint on her finger to try and avoid stitches for a couple of weeks. She also (hopefully) learned NOT to touch broken class.
"If Mimi (Jackie) picks me up but she's really exhausted, then she can just take me to Rogene's." 
Looking at the calendar for this coming semester with Sam and talking about days she'll be at someone's house. She's covering all her bases

Monday, September 21, 2015


While getting my hair cut I could hear fits of "naughty" giggles.  A friend who we saw there told me she had the camera.  So I had about 50 pictures/videos to delete when I got custody of the camera again.  Here are a few gems!

My favorite.  The double chin.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Samantha has been begging to cut her hair since May.  We agreed to keep it long for the summer so we could play with it.  August rolled around and she started up again.  So we went for a double hair cut date.  
Last braids for a while. 

We still play with it, but getting ready for school is very quick- she has MANY headbands!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


One of the last days of summer we were on our way to story-time at the museum, but couldn't find it.  Lucy mentioned that she'd "never been to the capitol" (not true, she was just too young to remember).
Anyway, the capitol is the easiest place to find, so we parked and explored.

Looking down 15 stories.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Day

First Grade
Wants to be a Sister when she grows up. 

This picture...Sister Mary Michael was the principal when I attended St. Peter's.  She left a little after I graduated and came back just in time to be Sam's principal!  She hasn't aged a bit :)  We are SO blessed to live in our diocese.

Friday, September 11, 2015


It's getting harder and harder to find shoes Sam's size that are velcro.  So I got out some jump rope and Sam and I practiced on our legs.  Once she got the basics she practiced for a couple days non-stop on her new shoes!

She still wears her velcro from last year, but once her feet grow she won't have the option and will have to wear these every day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


These two...so many pictures of them I want to frame!

Monday, September 7, 2015

End of Summer

Once the cast came off for GOOD we had 2 weeks to make the most of the rest of the summer.  I hadn't realized how much we were holding back due to the broken bone!  Every day was full of parks and playdates.  

The fair was going on, but we kind of showed up on the wrong day, so the only thing to do was watch pig races and pet some animals in a small tented area.
Spider Monkey

Mini horse.

C cracked me up- any time the animals made a sound she jumped a mile and clung to my leg.

Trying to find SOMEthing else to do. The online schedule and the printed one at the fair gave different times for different things...and both were incorrect.  It was frustrating.

We did find an interactive area with a few activities about what goes on at a farm. 

Exploring at home.

Add caption

Park Playdate

More friends

E's face here cracks me up!

C got real good at these things.

Another day, another park, more friends...

Ram Sam Sam

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