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Sunday, August 31, 2014


So this happened.
Current Career goal:  Mermaid

She L.O.V.E.S it.
So much so that she had to make her mark...all over the wall...with pen...during Spanish class...no, the irony was not lost on me.
And since I never posted them last year, here's 2013:

And while we're at it... Here's 2012:

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Last Minute Summer Project

Summer officially ends tomorrow for me.  And there are  a lot of unknowns in our future right now, so that means the "itch" to do something exhausting and semi-productive.  On Friday I decided that the following day Jeremy would take the girls to the zoo and I'd paint the living room and baseboards.  The one room we spend all of our time in has gotten ZERO attention since we moved in and looked the worst (minus the kitchen, but that's years down the road).  Of course, after I painted I realized the furniture didn't go...and that our place still looked like we rented, with no decor, every corner and surface filled with stuff, nothing had a place...it got to me.  Anyway, pictures do better to explain.

Ok, so ignore all the people and look at the furniture, walls and window...

You can look at the people in this one, though :)
Looking past the birthday mess...

Jeremy has claimed that chair as "his"

Ignore the beautiful baby.

Look past the handsome beast.

Don't worry, the "Lepper" sign is going in another hallway with Sam's art.
This one is really hard, I know, but look past the silly face and look at the storage piece that I still was using from COLLEGE.
Replaced and decorated with a bowl thing that my roommate from COLLEGE gave us for our wedding (that we've kept and designated as our "inspiration" for updating and decorating the kitchen later).  That never had a place until now. 

Opposite wall.  This was literally just blank.

There are still a lot of little details to clean up, but it's so COZY now.  Everything has a PLACE and it's out of sight.  It's so easy to keep everything tidy! The only problem is that I can't "unsee" this change and I'm noticing how undecorated and cluttered the rest of the house is now...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Joke

Sam is really into telling jokes.  Most are knock-knock, but she only remembers one, so it's the same one over and over and over, then tells me it's my turn.  After it's my turn, she then tells me the same joke that I just told her.  It's cute, but I usually make it through five rounds before I'm done.
To spice things up, I taught her this one:

My mom didn't get it, so she clarified, "Get it mimi?  Seven EATED nine!"

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Grin

Is still alive and well. In every series of pictures, the first one always has it.  Because as soon as she sees the camera, she gives it with all her might.  Who knew a 10 month old could know to smile for the camera without prompting??

Giving lessons.

She almost fell over giving me this one.

Samantha showing me what it looks like.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Papa's Faces

 This summer Mimi and Papa have been over for dinner quite a bit.  Charlotte, it turns out, is quite the ham when she's with people she's comfortable with.  Papa is one of these.  She kept putting the rag on her head and making her "ducka-ducka-ducka-ducka-ducka" sound (with a guttural "cka").  My dad's faces were the priceless part.

Friday, August 1, 2014


We've had a really mild summer.  It's been nice, but it's been next to impossible to play in the water as it's just been too chilly.  We finally had a couple of days where it was too hot to play outside past 10am.  So around 9:30am I pulled out a bucket-o-water and let them at it.

Can you guess who noticed the camera?

Ram Sam Sam

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