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Sunday, August 28, 2016

When it rains...

It pours...

Saturday, August 27, 2016


She has promised us she will never try to hang upsidedown on the trampoline by one arm ever again...

Someday, hopefully, she will realize that when we say "No" it's to keep her safe.  I think she is convinced that we are trying to deprive her of joy in life when we tell her to stop or "no" to something.

Luckily, the clothes we got her last year for her broken clavicle still fit.
We love you Samantha.  Let's not make this a yearly thing, m'k?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sisters at 12 weeks

Samantha at 12 weeks

She was super tired!

But i managed to get a quick smile!

I guess I missed Charlotte's pic this week😣

Monday, August 22, 2016


 look who started preschool! Here she is eating breakfast and sooooooooo excited. She's been begging and asking to go to preschool since she realized it existed (back in February). 
She was so so ready.  I can't tell you how often I hear, "wait. She's not even 3 yet?!?!"

  my mom got to take her on her first day
  Charlotte is wearing Samantha's backpack!

 note the hair now didn't last long

Samantha on her first day, many years ago...
That backpack is still in use!  Charlotte got a new firetruck lunchbox, though...too many spills!

Her teacher says it's like Charlotte has been there for months already.  Her first day, at the end of each activity she'd ask her teacher, "What's NEXT??!"
We love love love her preschool. Charlotte comes home dirty and exhausted and does NOT want to leave, despite being there from 730-4! (I was worried about it being a long day for her sans nap).  So ready for preschool! Only three school schedules to keep track of and three pick ups after I'm done with work!!
But we are so blessed to have our girls in such amazing care, I'm not complaining in the least. Just noting how exhausting it is right now 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sisters at 11 weeks

Charlotte 11 weeks

Samantha 11 weeks! Finally in 0-3 mo clothes

Genevieve at 11 weeks! Such a sweet baby...just wish she'd end the daytime hunger strike and eat from a bottle!!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


This summer Jennifer saved me by making sure we got out of the house every day when we were able.  It got all of us dressed and out of the house before noon.  We visited a different park every day for a few weeks there- it was spotty after the hospital visit.  But lots of good memories of children whining that they were too hot and Charlotte eating for most of the park-time.

Caught Charlotte right as she fell!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Arkansas 2016 Part 3

For the last leg of the trip we headed to Oklahoma to visit the newly re-located Godfather.
First we celebrated Hannah's birthday!

These two had so much fun! 

Her expressions kill me!!

Inspecting her new bike

Jake had to try it out...but not ride it, cause it's pink ;)


Yep, typical.

The children's museum had a gym-sized tunnel system made entirely out of duct tape.
This was the Exit slide- AKA Weggie Machine.


Charlotte learned going head down was an option- totally fixed the weggie problem!


Jeremy boxed in a random kid.

See behind them?  He really did box a random kid in.

Above his head...

There you go Charlotte!  A bridge!

Completely boxed.

Hello, random boy!

Although she did NOT do so well in the car, the ride back was much easier since she new the drill.

Lots of chocolate helped too.

SO glad we got to see more of this amazing guy!

See you next year! (Or earlier at Sam's first communion??)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Arkansas 2016 Part 2

Next we visited the Wewers
Oh, how Samantha loves dogs.

And her crazy Godmother.  These two are quite the pair!!
We have SO many Razorback dresses!  The girls love them.

My ever-willing baby holder.  She's a natural!

So. Much. Screentime.

Michelle went to their storage to pull out the American Girl Dolls.  Samantha had been waiting ALL year.


Charlotte discovered what she calls "Trampoline Parks."  

She was on cloud 9!

This one just got more hyped up!

Doing tricks that she shouldn't
Chill baby

Look how red her cheeks were!

Taking a break

For comparison- look at the SWEAT and redness compared to Michael.

"Everyone stay in their own square!!"


Baby Warmer

Oh, hey Tay, nice of you to drop by!

By happenstance, Emily became stranded in Fort Smith.  So we picked up her boys and they came over to stay in the AC while she waited for a tow-truck.

Bonus Toys (ie "Here's something new to play with in the car so you stop screaming" )came out early as we waited for the Lukas' to head home 



SUCH a big deal to pick out the "right" horse

Yay water!!

Mini Water-bug

Two peas in a pod

Thank you Wewers!

Ram Sam Sam

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