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Friday, August 19, 2016

Arkansas 2016 Part 3

For the last leg of the trip we headed to Oklahoma to visit the newly re-located Godfather.
First we celebrated Hannah's birthday!

These two had so much fun! 

Her expressions kill me!!

Inspecting her new bike

Jake had to try it out...but not ride it, cause it's pink ;)


Yep, typical.

The children's museum had a gym-sized tunnel system made entirely out of duct tape.
This was the Exit slide- AKA Weggie Machine.


Charlotte learned going head down was an option- totally fixed the weggie problem!


Jeremy boxed in a random kid.

See behind them?  He really did box a random kid in.

Above his head...

There you go Charlotte!  A bridge!

Completely boxed.

Hello, random boy!

Although she did NOT do so well in the car, the ride back was much easier since she new the drill.

Lots of chocolate helped too.

SO glad we got to see more of this amazing guy!

See you next year! (Or earlier at Sam's first communion??)

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