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Friday, August 5, 2016

Lukas' Visit

Our dear friends, the Lukas' are another family we visit every summer when we go down to Arkansas.  This year they came to visit US for Genevieve's baptism!

The boys introduced Samantha to many things that a family of all boys has...like fish and shark-shaped goggles!

We did a lot of out-door activities, including walking a mosquito infested trail to get to this suspension bridge.

So sweet.


Another day I made my yearly zoo trip.  It wasn't that bad this year!  The zoo has become very shaded since I last visited.

G stayed cool in her hat in the Becco

Zoo Train!
Charlotte was ever so cautious of the reptiles they were letting kids pet.
Samantha, on the other hand...

But eventually she braved touching a snake.

We discovered that Cody is a human eagle. 

Baby, meet Baby.

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you make it a yearly thing :)

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