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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Arkansas 2016 Part 2

Next we visited the Wewers
Oh, how Samantha loves dogs.

And her crazy Godmother.  These two are quite the pair!!
We have SO many Razorback dresses!  The girls love them.

My ever-willing baby holder.  She's a natural!

So. Much. Screentime.

Michelle went to their storage to pull out the American Girl Dolls.  Samantha had been waiting ALL year.


Charlotte discovered what she calls "Trampoline Parks."  

She was on cloud 9!

This one just got more hyped up!

Doing tricks that she shouldn't
Chill baby

Look how red her cheeks were!

Taking a break

For comparison- look at the SWEAT and redness compared to Michael.

"Everyone stay in their own square!!"


Baby Warmer

Oh, hey Tay, nice of you to drop by!

By happenstance, Emily became stranded in Fort Smith.  So we picked up her boys and they came over to stay in the AC while she waited for a tow-truck.

Bonus Toys (ie "Here's something new to play with in the car so you stop screaming" )came out early as we waited for the Lukas' to head home 



SUCH a big deal to pick out the "right" horse

Yay water!!

Mini Water-bug

Two peas in a pod

Thank you Wewers!

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