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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Inherited Traits

In case you didn't know, Samantha inherited two lovely traits of mine- a small bladder and a much higher rate of sweating than what is normal.  It's nothing medical (we've been tested) it's just genetic.  How do these two relate?  Well allow me to enlighten you!

A few months ago I was at peace with thinking Samantha was going to be 7 or 8 until she was night trained.  Anyone who has spent time with her for longer than 20 minutes will agree that this child has the smallest bladder known to mankind.  She pees, every 15-30 minutes.  Mind you, this is not a medical condition.  It's because we're constantly pushing fluids to avoid a recent dehydration (read constipation) issue that I also dealt with as a child. So, pushing fluids + small bladder = frequent potty trips.

Anyway, getting back to the night training,  she was soaking through her pull-up at night and I casually mentioned to her that if she could keep her pull-up dry she could wear panties to bed.  
Low and behold the next 3 mornings she woke up dry- but made a bee-line for the bathroom first thing in the morning!

After a few nights of peeing in bed I realized I could just wake her up when I go to bed to have her pee.  Within a week or so she was getting herself up to pee and going back to bed on her own.  And *poof* she was night trained just after her 4th birthday.

Now on to her fatherly inherited trait.

After getting WAY to big to rock Samantha to sleep (ie hold her down so she'd stop moving and crash) and fighting her for an hour or so to stay in bed and put her books away, we just "budgeted" 15 minutes or so of reading to herself.  Why does it take me forever to sometimes see the obvious solution right in front of me? I've always talked about how similar Sam and Jeremy's sleeping habits are. Both take forever to settle down, both turn into ovens while asleep and both are up at the crack of dawn. Jeremy has to read for a while to fall asleep, even if he's been driving for 10 hours or worked a 12 hour day or spent all day outside working in the hot sun and is exhausted. I've never understood this. I mean, it takes me a while to fall asleep, but if I close my eyes and lay still, eventually I'm asleep.

But I digress...

Essencially the "read for 15 minutes" has turned bedtime from a 1-hour struggle trying everything from cuddling, coddling, holding her down, spankings etc etc to a kiss goodnight and she goes right to sleep. 

 I feel so bad for her in the end, being the oldest (and only) it takes forever for us to figure out the simple solution to some of the most obvious problem areas.  I'm really hoping I'll remember to step back and see the big picture with the next ones.  Why fight something that is so easily worked around?  I do this in my classroom all the time...


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Belly Take 2

I've finally reached a point in my pregnancy that I didn't have with Samantha.  
My shirts don't fit over my belly. Even the ones that I bought thinking, "Oh these are cute and will last me all pregnancy and I can even wear them afterwards!" 
Even the "real" maternity clothes don't cover everything (as in anyone shorter than my waist can see up my shirt to my belly).

Mind you, I'm not complaining.  I want two things most pregnant women don't: to go past my due-date (October 1st or later please!) and a baby that is a few pounds heavier than Samantha was.
Anyway, here are the belly shots.  I love Samantha leaning on my belly in the bare-belly shot!

30 weeks with C

30 weeks with S
30 weeks with C

39 weeks with S.
Notice the same size belly as above?!
I have no idea what I'm going to wear when school starts.  I REFUSE to buy new clothes to wear for 4-6 weeks!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Arkansas 2013

This year we made our first family vacation.  Jeremy has never been able to do go with or we've never been able to do one because he's never had vacation time (due to constantly missing work for health issues).  On the ride back he said, "Wow.  I had no idea how bad I needed that!"

We went to Arkansas, and plan on going back every year (or as long as they will take us back!).  You might think- oh!  Did you go to Eureka Springs?  Or the Ozarks?  Or any other place meant for tourists and vacations? 

Nope.  Because the folks in Fort Smith that we left behind 4 years ago are way better than all of those places combined! 

Anyway, it was amazing.  Samantha was on cloud nine the entire time with a playmate her age every place we went!

First we visited the Lukas'.  They were the only couple our age that we hung out with while we lived there.  I met Emily on facebook, we set up our husbands on a playdate, they hit it off and the rest is history.  Except for the part where they will move up to Lincoln one day.  That would be their future. (Cody, just remember the awesome deer hunting up here!!) Their 4-year-old Max didn't know what to think of all the pink and ponies and hair stuff that Sam came with at first, but they played very well together.  Too bad it was so dang hot that they couldn't play outside.  Maybe next year?
Quick Photo Recap

Read lots of books
Sam and Harper were took peas in a pod...nuk nuk nuk (they ate a whole bag of snap peas together)

Every house needs a run-around center
Goodbye Pictures this year and last year
Ok, NOW you can be silly, Max!

Next on the list was the Weawers, the home of the Godmother.  Their 4-year-old Michael was a match made in Heaven for Samantha.  He was very much entertained by her and took care of anything that frustrated Samantha (like opening the tricky doors) or she simply couldn't do (pull up the basket of drinks into the treehouse).  Their first full day together I saw them only when they had to pee or eat.  Jeremy and I got to play lots of boardgames with the older ones.  Jeremy cooked on their AWESOME stove (they just don't understand what they have...it's just not fair!) and I baked 1/2 a batch of cookies (I was directed that the other half remain uncooked for snacking).

Quick Photo Recap
Sam LOVED her Michelle.  She would ask, "Where's my Godmother?" and call, "Godmother! Oh Godmother!"  Michelle told her she was her fairy Godmother because she sparkles and has wings that come out at night time.
I helped for the 1000th time with the "sock project"
Mary-Kate played with Sam a lot too

In the Tree House.  I think it was close to 100 degree heat index.  They assured me that they had a fan on and were fine.

The amazing oven and stove.  Anytime we asked if they used a certain part of it the response was, "Do we use the what?"
Pool Time
Nap time.  Sam complained that Michael was "growling". 
I'm sure we'll have to nix the in bed playing together fun in a few years...
Just checking to make sure they were still alive.


Our last stop was the Bannings, the home of the Godfather.  Their almost 4-year-old Hannah and 6-year-old Jake kept Samantha very busy.  There were lots of new toys and oh so many electronic play devices.  While there we visited the lake, hospital, ferris wheel, ate some amazing burgers at a little joint and pigged out on icecream at Braums.  Jeremy and I could talk to the Bannings for forever...We kept them up a little late a few times!
Quick Photo Recap
Samantha was just as obsessed with Johnny as she was Michelle.  She would refer to him as her Godfather and wanted him to carry her or sit next to her the whole time. 
I want a swing like this at our place.

Ok, it looks like Samantha is the reason Hannah is crying, but she just wanted down.

Because she didn't like the swing. Or didn't know she didn't like the swing.  We aren't sure.

Oh, you like her hair?  Here's a close-up of my handy-work.  What I wouldn't give to have a daughter with hair like her's!
Jake doing some evil knievel moves.
Neighbor Grace reading with Sam.

Yogurt, iphone and braids.

She loved stroking his beard and hair.
At the lake.  Sam had no idea what to expect.

Evidence that I need to show her teachers- Samantha playing in the sand!
When the sand became too much.

We crashed a b-day party with some old friends.
Me 99% of the time.  I had to pull Samantha up three times for going too deep.  No money excuses next summer, that girl is going back to swimming lessons.

Talking his ear off.

It's ok to not like the "cheese" smile, right?
Op, see, we were there too!

These boys were threatened within an inch of their lives if they rocked the seat.
Jer wrestling Sam for a good picture.


Samantha was a rock-star traveler.  She only got snippy once on the way there and it was because she needed to eat.  She didn't sleep at all the 9 hour trip there and for maybe 20 minutes on the 9.5 hour trip back.  The best part? I didn't worry about it. :)

Quick Photo Recap
On the way there- no dvd player or tv!  Just cd's, toys and books.

Exhausted and zoning on the way home.  We only made 30 or so pee-stops.

Oh, and did I mention a hospital trip?  This time it was for me.  I'd had a headache for a couple of days, didn't sleep well Wednesday night, and thought that it looked like I had "dropped" when I got up Thursday morning. For the rest of the day I didn't eat anything, couldn't get comfortable standing, sitting, laying down, on my knees, walking, etc.  After giving the bathtub a try I realized I was contracting every 1-4 minutes and they were anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute long.  Jeremy made me call the midwife, the midwife made me go to the hospital and I bawled the whole way there.  Let's just say my last exeprience there was not pleasant.  I happened to be pregnant then too. 
But after we met our nurse and she checked me, she said everything was fine, they gave me a bag of fluids and I was finally able to stay in one position for longer than a minute--I relaxed. 

In the end it was just really hot there, I wasn't eating enough (of the right foods), was stopped up, Charlotte was transverse and trying to "turn", and that resulted in tons of contractions and being slightly dehydrated.  But the nurse said she's never seen a pregnant woman's pee look so good (proud moment *tear*) and that she lost count as to how many others had come in for the same reason.  I just happened to be one that stayed longer.

Let me say thank GOODness we were with such great friends.  They took Samantha to the pool, fed her, bathed her and -bless you Christie-tried to put her to sleep.  She didn't even realize we were gone until it was late and everyone was in bed.  She did finally crash right before we came home (11:00pm) but it was on the couch and only out of pure exhaustion. 
Quick Photo Recap
Was told to lay on my back and don't move so they could monitor the baby while I was having the contractions.  Fun times.
Such a great trip.  I can't wait for everyone to meet Charlotte next year!

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