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Friday, July 5, 2013

Berries, Birds and Burns, Oh My!

 We started our fourth like every other year- Jeremy running around with Samantha, getting the food preparations done for my parents' annual hosting.

Next year we won't have to buy raspberries or strawberries!
Third year of berries- this is a typical days harvest of raspberries, and the first pick of the second round of strawberries that are producing

 A quick trip down memory lane...
 A recently common occurrence at my parents' place:

We all heard a loud SMACK and turned around to see this
Second time in a week and Amanda was excited!

Papa took care of it

Samantha was then able to continue with her favorite part of the night
 My mom said, "I'm ONLY doing immediate family this year!"
So only three other families were invited over.  I think the total head count was 21 (23 if counting those in-utero).

Sam had to have braids like Lucy.  Amanda is ever present if there is a camera nearby.

Sam stepped on a firecracker spark and got a nice hole in her foot.

Daddy took good care of her.
 While waiting for the meds to be bought from the store she was able to enjoy the big fireworks from my lap.  I attempted a mother-daughter picture...
How about without the foot?

there we go

These two play so well together now!  Their giggles are non-stop.
Happy 4th!


Granddad and Grandma said...

Another wonderful set of pictures and blogging! The pic of you and Sam is terrific...duly downloaded..will be printed and framed for the house.

We do worry about Amanda's excitement over a dead bird...ahem. :-o

She and Lucy are getting prettier by the day.

Granddad and Grandma said...

Did you know you have an advertisement from Zinio for a Playboy subscription???

Not a problem for us...kinda amusing....just wondered if you knew.

Ram Sam Sam

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