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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Belly Take 2

I've finally reached a point in my pregnancy that I didn't have with Samantha.  
My shirts don't fit over my belly. Even the ones that I bought thinking, "Oh these are cute and will last me all pregnancy and I can even wear them afterwards!" 
Even the "real" maternity clothes don't cover everything (as in anyone shorter than my waist can see up my shirt to my belly).

Mind you, I'm not complaining.  I want two things most pregnant women don't: to go past my due-date (October 1st or later please!) and a baby that is a few pounds heavier than Samantha was.
Anyway, here are the belly shots.  I love Samantha leaning on my belly in the bare-belly shot!

30 weeks with C

30 weeks with S
30 weeks with C

39 weeks with S.
Notice the same size belly as above?!
I have no idea what I'm going to wear when school starts.  I REFUSE to buy new clothes to wear for 4-6 weeks!


Learning to Parent said...

So, most of my maternity clothes are warm-weather type stuff but I do have some short sleeves and I think one 3/4 sleeve shirt. And some maternity tanks that you could maybe wear under your too-short shirts to help bridge the gap between belly and pants. Obviously I never got as big as you are so I don't know if they would work or not, but if you'd like to borrow them you are welcome to them! I have some jeans and stuff too if you want! :)

You are adorable by the way! :)

Granddad and Grandma said...

Well...you can always pull the curtains down and "wrap" yourself for a Roman look...

Ram Sam Sam

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