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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Birthday

Samantha thoroughly enjoys having a birthday so close to Genevieve's.  This year her birthday fell on Memorial Day, so the family, and the whole country, celebrated with us!

Genevieve's gifts from the girls...

A box of tissues (behind her head) for her to shred at her will and a toy that she ACTUALLY plays with.  Watching her little arms shake while she holds the vibrating ball had everyone in stitches!

Practicing her new skills

I can tell from her head tilt that she's giving Kahlan the frown!

Sorry for the dark picture, it's all I got!

Chocolate cake!!!

She approved after a few suspicious bites...

BABY MILO EMERGES!!  And he's crawling and pulling up on things.  WHA???

New Snazzy Dress

Her favorite spot.  Stands and yells at her sisters.

Gift from mimi- color by sticker!
This picture just show how CLASSIC adhd she is.  She pulled out a fourth page to start and I asked her to finish one that she'd already started first.
"Oh, right".

Monday, May 29, 2017


Holy cow this year went by fast.  You are definitely the third child.  The day before your birthday we were working on the front-yard play area and I heard you screeching for my attention.  We stopped and said, "Whaaaaat?"
And then you did this:
Are you watching?

Ok here I go...

Tada!  No hands!
We were all so impressed and you happily repeated the trick over and over.
Walking is only weeks away!
A friend recently heard you over the phone and used a word that I think describes your demanding personality quite well- "Tyrant"
You are a hilarious and cute tyrant, but very demanding and LOUD nonetheless.  You have thismuch patience when it comes to food being served and you eat 70% of the day.  Oh your screech.  We thought we'd gotten you to stop, but you've started up again.  My ears literally ring.  I'm not looking forward to the car trip to Arkansas this year!  I've literally bought ear-plugs for everyone.

I was taking note recently and realized you have three locations most of the day.


And your pack-n-play (sorry, no pictures)

You are quite demanding with regards to sleeping as well.  You hate it when I walk into your room and start the routine, but as soon as I throw your "B" at you (blankie) you start rubbing your eyes and yawning.  I chuckle and call you "pavlov's dog". 
You're an ok napper but a great night sleeper.  Two 1-2 hr naps a day, bed by 7 and up at 6.  Oh how I'd love to push the bed-time and wake up time one hour. (Where is day light savings when I need it?!?)
You are wearing 18 month clothes.
You weigh 22 lbs.
You LOVE to swing.
You can sign more, milk, down and all-done, but prefer to SCREAM at us, much to our dismay.

With your FPIES we are still staying waaaaay clear of rice, oats, bananas and avocado.  But we've got a routine, including pumpkin, carrot, squash, applesauce and cinnamon packets:
And don't I DARE put anything else in them!
Also- CHEESE!  Like real dairy cheese!  Oh how I rejoiced at an easy, protein-packed, fatty food for you!
Your frown still cracks everyone up.  You're so skeptical of anyone new...and grass...

Your foot :)
So much love for your sisters!  Or possibly the mowers...I don't remember.  I think you frowned at them.

Then back to complaining...with the foot still up.
The first thing Charlotte STILL asks when she wakes up is, "Where's Genevieve?"  I am so looking forward to watching you two when you can master the stairs! 

You looooooove your sisters.
Want to have milk available and at your disposal 12/7. 
Are the dismantler
Our shredder
Every. Single. Morning.

To which I say, "Whatever, you aren't screaming."
Our kicker
Why do you kick?  This baffles me so.  It's the oddest thing.  Kickkickkickkickkick. Whenever we pick you up, if you are happy, mad, tired, just waking up.  Kickkickkickkickkick.

I'm not kidding you when I say this was the first time you did this! 

And recently have discovered the joy of cuddling.  Since birth you refused to cuddle.  Oh, you want us to hold you, but facing OUT.  You have realized the joy that is laying your head down on our chest/shoulder and are quite the cuddler now, much to your father's enjoyment.

Oh how we love you Genevieve! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Mom, a little help here?"

Me: "Push harder."

Yes, we are alive!  Blog Update coming down the pipe!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Spinal Check

She came back in and said, "He said I glowed in the dark."

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Wow what a year! 
We  have seen so much improvement and have come a long long way.  You finally SLEEP.  I'll never forget the first time we tried the sleeping medication.  You were quite perplexed as to why your eyes were "trying to close".  You kept pushing on them with your palms to make it stop.  I then had to explain, "Sweetie, what you are feeling is called 'tired'. It's your body trying to tell you to stop and rest."  I was trying so hard not to laugh as we realized you had never felt tired before.  You didn't like it, and have since learned to fight it, but do like how quickly you can fall asleep now.  And you wake up refreshed! 
We've also learned why you crave movement and NOISE.  And have learned how to help you.  Although I'm still not perfect are responding calmly, we do have tools to help you get that "need" out in an appropriate and safe manner. Like building you this:

Please please please please please no broken bones this year!

There are moments that bring me to tears as I get glimpses of who you really are.  Helping the elderly man get a drink at the doctor's office.  Eagerly luring your baby sister away from me so I can use the bathroom in peace, doing Charlotte's hair. 
When you are calm you are the most thoughtful and helpful child I've ever met! 
You LOVE babies.
You (still) love me the fiercest.
You are a rock-star at gymnastics and I'm blown away at how much you learn each week. 
Any time you get down about your size (49lbs and 6x clothes) we talk about your favorite gymnast (Simon Biles) and how similar you two are- she even has ADHD!
If you aren't doing flips off the couch you are stuck to a book like glue.  Graphic Novels are your favorite right now.  The Action Bible and Giants Beware are your top favorites.
You are a better eater than any kid I've ever known.  You also eat as much as an adult!
You would live off juices and fizzy drinks if we let you.
You've been migraine-free for almost two years now!
You are an amazingly talented artist.  Daddy and I are constantly stunned at your art-work.  Although you still default to Frozen characters (When will you "let it go"?!?!?) you can draw anything and everything without even a second thought.  It really baffles me and has me in awe!

For your birthday this year we went out for ice cream and made your requested dinner- Boxed Macaroni and Cheese with "white broccoli".  Which only you ate because Mommy and Charlotte don't care for it and Daddy can't have it.  But your dinner cracked us up!  Your own personal Chef (Daddy) and you asked for boxed food.  Daddy just shrugged and said, "Easier for me!"  And Mommy said, "Hey, even I can make that!"

Making decisions is NOT your strong point. 

Charlotte picked out a Klutz facepaint book.  It was SO hard for her NOT to tell you.  It was just as hard for her to wait as it was for you!  And you both were driving us batty!  Once you opened it you went to work.  You quickly ran out of body parts to cover.


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Strike a Pose

A rare selfie...Sam cracks me up!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

New Toy

Borrowing another toy from a friend. 
Genevieve flipped out...and that was before the batteries were put in!
Not a frown was to be seen!

This one liked it too!

Ram Sam Sam

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