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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Birthday

Samantha thoroughly enjoys having a birthday so close to Genevieve's.  This year her birthday fell on Memorial Day, so the family, and the whole country, celebrated with us!

Genevieve's gifts from the girls...

A box of tissues (behind her head) for her to shred at her will and a toy that she ACTUALLY plays with.  Watching her little arms shake while she holds the vibrating ball had everyone in stitches!

Practicing her new skills

I can tell from her head tilt that she's giving Kahlan the frown!

Sorry for the dark picture, it's all I got!

Chocolate cake!!!

She approved after a few suspicious bites...

BABY MILO EMERGES!!  And he's crawling and pulling up on things.  WHA???

New Snazzy Dress

Her favorite spot.  Stands and yells at her sisters.

Gift from mimi- color by sticker!
This picture just show how CLASSIC adhd she is.  She pulled out a fourth page to start and I asked her to finish one that she'd already started first.
"Oh, right".

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