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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time Warp



Sunday, May 29, 2011

TMI Take 2

Warning: this is a post about potty training! If talk of #1's and 2's bother you, or you think it's a silly thing to blog about, come back for another post.

8:30 #2 and then Diaper free
8:40 Asks for diaper
8:41 sing ABC’s*
8:50 sing ABC’s
9:00 sing ABC’s
9:08 wondering how much longer she’s going to hold it...
9:10 sing ABC’s
9:15-9:25 sat on potty while listening/watching “fire truck”
9:35 Sang ABC’s and played with warm water while sitting for 5 minutes
10:10 let it alllll out outside. And watched it.
10:40 back inside
10:45 ABC’s
11:00 ABC’s and lots of water to sip on

11:10 #1 on the floor- few drops on the potty
11:15 ABC’s
11:24 #1 on the floor (stopped midstream)
11:28 Asks for diaper
11:30 interrupted #1 on the floor
11:30-11:40 played with water on the potty
11:41 successful #1 on the potty! Sam wanted to play with the water
11:42 called Daddy to tell him the good news
11:57 #1 at the kitchen table
12:19 Diaper on
*this is what we do when we sit on the potty

11:15 diaper free (after playdate) Samantha decided she wanted to sit on the potty while she ate her applesauce
11:25 snack all done, got up from potty. I told her when she went pee pee on the potty she could have her diaper
11:26 started #1 on the carpet, quickly back on the potty. She stopped, and then finished on the potty!
11:27 diaper on
6:15 sat on potty and made mommy sit on the other potty
6:30 put on panties (baby was not happy) with diaper cover (baby was much happier) and ate dinner
6:45 still dry after eating and washing hands!
6:55 Sat on potty
6:56 #1 in potty chair, Sam sprung up and exclaimed, “all done! WATER!!” and pointed to her success
7:15 panties on, played until 7:30. Diaper on for bedtime


9:30 getting ready for Kindermusik and Sam wants to wear her panties.

When it is time to leave I put on a cover. As we are leaving I notice she is VERY wet. Diaper quickly replaces the panties.
No more panties for the day


9:20 diaper free, sing ABC’s
9:30 Sam asks for panties. I tell her when she pees she can
9:35 ABC’s
9:38 Sam runs to potty (unprompted) sits down and pees!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:40 Sam watches her favorite Youtube video

Mommy worked two doubles and so daddy had to participate. She was very good about #1’s, but daddy was quite grossed out about #2 on the floor

Mommy tries to take her to mom’s group in panties with a timer set for every 20 minutes. The problem at this point is that Sam knows how to go #1 on the chair, but she sprinkles and then JUMPS up to celebrate before she’s done, resulting in either 10 celebrations in 15 minutes, or an accident when she just can’t hold the dam any more

Mommy is getting very frustrated. Every time baby sits down to pee she says “OW!” and jumps up. Mommy is out of patience by 9:30 and realizes that she needs to eat breakfast. She tells Sam “we go pee pee in the potty” and leaves her in her room unattended, fully expecting to clean up a lake in a few minutes.

9:35 Sam walks into the kitchen carrying her potty chair and shows me a very stinky mess, “poopy mommy, poopy.” She looks very concerned, but my celebration helps her realize it’s a good thing. After lots of high-fives she asks for “tries” (french fries).

In-laws are in town and are on board with helping us continue while they are visiting. Sam has very few accidents, and is pretty much trained for #2. For #1 she still has trouble in new settings (ie not at home with mommy).

I'd call this round a success! She only wears a diaper when she's sleeping now. We're pretty much done with cloth as she had a really hard time distinguishing between her panties and the diaper. This is fine by me as I am so ready to be done washing diapers (although I'm currently washing panties, but this is much less and now there is an end in site!).


This morning she iniciated #1 on her own for the first time AND EMPTIED HER BLADDER. This is HUGE, folks. She continued to do it all day. We no longer have to ask her to go unless we are about to leave the house. And she stays dry for about an HOUR. I tell you, I'm on cloud nine, I'm so proud!


Now it's time for the teddy bears.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

After a successful (ie dry) morning with a trip to the library for Story Time, a long car ride in the rain and fun splashing outside I felt confident leaving her unsupervised in her room while I made lunch. Within minutes I hear, "Uh oh, sippery...sippery *WAM* SIPPERY!! MOMMY SIPPERY!!"
I couldn't help but laugh as I help her get up from the puddle.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Constructive Criticism from a Toddler

As we are potty training, Sam is usually bare-bottomed when we are at home. Today I thought I could get away with wearing capris.

Apparently not.

At one point Sam tried to sit in my lap.

As soon as her bare bottom touched my calves she jumped up and yelped, "OUCH!"

She then inspected my legs, trying to brush off the pricklies.

Still confused she asked me, "Hot?"

Not hot, Sweetie, but your point has been made.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Samantha at 2-years-old

Weighs 23 lbs even

Loves washing hands

Loves anything water

Screams at her toys/clothes/food/mom/dad at slightest frustration

Takes one 1 hr nap (GR!!)

Wakes up from her nap screaming and CRANKY every day, and screams at the slightest irritation for at least an hour; Why? Because she's still tired, but heaven forbid she go back to sleep after 60 minutes

Loves to run

Loves the wind, thunder, rain, clouds, stars, moon and sun

Speaks plurals and possessives correctly (Samantha's Carseat, Mommy's babies, Daddy's coat, mommy's shirt)

Tilts her head, scrunches one side of her face and signs "work", empathizing with me whenever I'm getting my uniform on
Likes to pretend she is a baby (asks for pacifier, lays on the floor and does a fake "waaa")
speaking of fake, she has the fake cry/tears down to a science. Makes me look like a horrible mom to strangers who can't tell the difference!

Lets me put in pigtails now, leaving them in all day

Favorite foods: watermelon, noodles, chocolate chips, asparagus, ice cream (dairy free), eggs, soy cheese chicken when daddy cooks it, french fries and rice

"Yucky" foods: real cheese, chicken when mommy cooks it, coconut milk, leafy greens

Can now tolerate real yogurt and butter

Wants to try a bite of everything at least once- even when Mommy and Daddy insist that she won't like it!

Favorite shows are sesame street ("Street") and Signing Time

Order of adult preference is: Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Papa, Mommy, Daddy
(This, of course, is before Grandma and Grandad's visit. This will probably change very quickly when they arrive.)

How old are you, Samantha?

Fly on the Wall

S: "Mommy!"

Me: "Samantha!"

S: "What?"

Cue confusion.
Then chuckles.
At least 10 times a day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A wonderful Mother Deserves a Wonderful Trick (Guest Blogger)

This is Kim's DH and I just want to say what a wonderful wife and Mother to our Daughter she is. Sam decided that she wanted to show us all a new trick and Kim wasn't there so I got it on video here is her surprise, a guest blog and video that is rather funny

Friday, May 6, 2011

Hey, Sherlock Holmes...

Could I Borrow Your Magnifying Glass?

Just for a few seconds...

Ta dah!...oh, wait...

Ah, there they are!

Maybe we should just stick with one for now...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buying More to Spend Less

Now, you gotta admit, this is just cool:

Off the shelf- no coupons or sales $32.10

With Cottonelle coupons and sales $17.10

Adding a few other specially selected items to the cart $16.67

Yeppers- my total went DOWN .43 when I threw in 4 packs of disposable razors and 6 padded envelopes.

Does that count as making money?

Ram Sam Sam

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