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Friday, May 13, 2011


Samantha at 2-years-old

Weighs 23 lbs even

Loves washing hands

Loves anything water

Screams at her toys/clothes/food/mom/dad at slightest frustration

Takes one 1 hr nap (GR!!)

Wakes up from her nap screaming and CRANKY every day, and screams at the slightest irritation for at least an hour; Why? Because she's still tired, but heaven forbid she go back to sleep after 60 minutes

Loves to run

Loves the wind, thunder, rain, clouds, stars, moon and sun

Speaks plurals and possessives correctly (Samantha's Carseat, Mommy's babies, Daddy's coat, mommy's shirt)

Tilts her head, scrunches one side of her face and signs "work", empathizing with me whenever I'm getting my uniform on
Likes to pretend she is a baby (asks for pacifier, lays on the floor and does a fake "waaa")
speaking of fake, she has the fake cry/tears down to a science. Makes me look like a horrible mom to strangers who can't tell the difference!

Lets me put in pigtails now, leaving them in all day

Favorite foods: watermelon, noodles, chocolate chips, asparagus, ice cream (dairy free), eggs, soy cheese chicken when daddy cooks it, french fries and rice

"Yucky" foods: real cheese, chicken when mommy cooks it, coconut milk, leafy greens

Can now tolerate real yogurt and butter

Wants to try a bite of everything at least once- even when Mommy and Daddy insist that she won't like it!

Favorite shows are sesame street ("Street") and Signing Time

Order of adult preference is: Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Mimi, Papa, Mommy, Daddy
(This, of course, is before Grandma and Grandad's visit. This will probably change very quickly when they arrive.)

How old are you, Samantha?

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