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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buying More to Spend Less

Now, you gotta admit, this is just cool:

Off the shelf- no coupons or sales $32.10

With Cottonelle coupons and sales $17.10

Adding a few other specially selected items to the cart $16.67

Yeppers- my total went DOWN .43 when I threw in 4 packs of disposable razors and 6 padded envelopes.

Does that count as making money?


Julie said...

This was Sunday? I need to buy the TP! Did you get the RRs?

Kim said...

yes, but I only knew about the $3 for 2, no the $5 for 3- could have done much better! GR!

Julie said...

Would you mind breaking down your trip for me? Were the envelopes fillers so you could get the razors? They don't count the WAGs qs toward your coupon/item amount, do they?

Granddad said...

Brava! Well done!

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