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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Diaper Duty

I taught Samantha how to change pee diapers.  She's always asking to change them now. I handed her over to change a diaper that I thought was pee and Samantha squealed in delight when she opened her diaper, "My first poopy diaper!!!"
I quickly took over, but boy is she eager to do a poopy diaper :)

Sisters at 9 weeks

No Papaysan as we were in Arkansas!  Swimming in 3-6 onesie 
Charlotte being very suspicious at 9 weeks.

I remember taking this- she was SO tired.  Samantha at 9 weeks.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hnosko Farewell

Their last 48 hrs were with us.

Me and Ez...I'm pretty sure he said, "Mama Hold chew" immediately after this.  

This cracks me up- SUCH typical Cora!


Silly faces

Ez decided to join...typical Cora again...

To be duplicated every year from now on...
We love you too!

Friday, July 29, 2016


When Samantha was 8 months old, I met Melissa at Milkworks.  Every since then we've spent many a weekend and holiday (especially during the summers) with the Hnoskos.  Melissa has been present at the birth of both Charlotte and Genevieve.  This summer was cut too short as I was recovering from birthing and she was packing her house solo.  We crammed in what we could the last few days she was here.

I always got my arms back when Melissa was near.

My attempt at an artistic picture

Charlotte pointed at Ezra in the tub and asked loudly, "What's THAT?" I remember the exact same scene with Levi and Samantha at the Hnoskos

2 months

Baby, I'm so sorry, but this will be short due to my lack of time right now!  Having a 2 year old who loves you just a little too much and a 7 year old who likes to pendulum swing between being mom and controlling sister, I just have so little time to be on the computer without them trying to take over you or my computer!

You are very easy right now.  You are already giving me an 8ish hour stretch of sleep at night and will put yourself to sleep 90% of the time.  That 10% is for when you are too over tired (due to said 2 year old that loves you too much).  That's when we go for a car-ride or I have to let you cry yourself to sleep...it takes you under 5 minutes and most of that is just fussing and working out burps.

For Charlotte, refulx medication never made any difference. For you, we have it down to a science and it makes a world of a difference!

You are all smiles when you've finally woken up for the day (around 10). Before that, you'd just rather nurse and sleep and stretch and nurse and sleep and stretch...I'm not sure how the mornings will go once we have to get back into the school routine.

At your appointment you weighed 11 lbs, 15 oz. 75% height and weight. You are in size 1 diapers...So far I haven't made the switch to cloth as we keep getting gifts of diapers or giftcards (which we use for diapers).  Just the other day I was in the mall and someone asked me to take a survey and I'd receive 3 weeks worth of diapers...um- yes please!!

I am only having to avoid tree-nuts thus far.  Your diapers become a nasty...grossness when I eat almonds.  So no nuts for me (which is a big deal considering we eat a LOT of almond flour!)

You are loved to pieces.  I call you our unicorn baby.  No one believes babies like you really exist!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sisters at 8 weeks

I missed 7 weeks for you Genevieve...
Genevieve 8 weeks.
...loves her fists...
Charlotte 8 weeks

Samantha 8 weeks

Sunday, July 24, 2016


I found some bunkbeds with stairs and drawers.  The plan was to put them together over Christmas break, but since Genevieve already needs her own room we bumped up the timeline.  Going to sleep is still a struggle when they do it together, but overall the transition has been a great success!

She love love love loves her new bed...and I'm stoked to finally hang up her banner!


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Checking for a Harvest

Trying to get her to go outside for a bit, I asked Sam to go check the tomato plants at my parents' place and sent her with my camera.  She came back with this:

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

6 weeks and the Hospital stay

PHEW what a long 5 days it's been! 
Saturday, we arrived to a friend's wedding reception.  Charlotte was at home with a high fever and as I pulled Genevieve out of her carseat I noted that she was REALLY warm.  She'd been warm and fussy all day, but I'd been more focused on Charlotte and had just let Genevieve sleep all day.  That's the problem with an easy baby after two not-so easy babies...I didn't register that something wasn't right with her until I started getting her settled into the sling at the reception...the right side of her neck was hugely swollen.  

We made a quick U-turn out of the reception and headed straight to the ER.  

I'm currently a fan of triage- a crying mother holding her 6 week old fussing/lethargic baby with a swollen neck got us in real quick.  
Over the next 12 hrs they did every test you can think of:  Blood cultures, nose swabs, urine test, ultrasound, xray, eventually a CT scan...

Here's the time-line of treatment/diagnosis:
Saturday, 6pm: First guess was mumps.  
Saturday evening: Pediatrician came and said it was most likely not mumps, either swollen node or cyst.  Started on powerful antibiotics.

Soothing... in the ER while we wait...

I have SUCH an amazing family with non-stop support.  
Sunday morning: fever is gone.  ENT said he was 90% sure it was a branchial cleft cyst- a congenital deformity.

Yay! My fever is gone!
Also, I'm 6 weeks old today!!

Swollen neck :(
Sunday afternoon: Transferred us to Children's Hospital, had to hold off feeding in case surgery was that night.
My dad taking a turn to calm her.
Side story: One of the nurse looked at me and said, "Mom?" and then looked at him and asked, "Are you Dad, then?"
That's mistake has been happening since I was in high-school!  Guess that's what happens when your name means "The Handsome One" (Kenneth)
Sunday night: After holding off a very hungry baby for 4.5 hrs they decided to do surgery 7am the next morning.  Cue ravenous nursing session.
My mom was my saving grace- here she's helping to hold her off for a SECOND time to prep for surgery.

Holding her off for the last few minutes.

Off to surgery

Monday morning: Surgery to drain swollen node/cyst showed that it was an almost empty cavity (can't tell unless they do invasive surgery...but either result would end up with the same treatment so they just put in a drain)
Post surgery

Tuesday: blood cultures came back negative from first hospital.  Lots of stools due to heavy antibiotics :(
Big Sis got to visit!
Tuesday night: GREAT night of sleep.  Still no cultures from fluid taken from empty cavity during surgery, although there were lots of white blood cells, which means something was there, but most likely was taken care of by antibiotics gotten from first hospital.
Wednesday morning: No longer think it's the branchial cleft cyst. Cultures showed a little bacteria but antibiotics will take care of it.  Not sure what caused it and still don't know if it's a node or cyst.  
Pro-biotics are helping with poops.  Drain is removed, she's doing great without tylenol, going home after lunch!

Just chillin' after a GREAT night of sleep!

Drain is out!

Time for a morning of naps now...

Excited for earlier than planned discharge.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


It is SO nice to have another set of arms when another needs a nap!  Samantha was so proud of herself here, as she'd figured out how to read while she held Genevieve.

Sister Cuddles

Genevieve just watched Samantha the whole time!

Despite the look on her face, she was quite content.

Friday, July 8, 2016

First Bottle

She didn't go for much...we'll see how she does during the school year!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July

We had another very memorable fourth with the Hnoskos!  We're hoping they'll come back to visit on the fourth.  It won't be the same without them :(

Ram Sam Sam

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