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Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm In-de-pend-ent.

Tonight at dinner I asked Sam who she wanted to put her to bed. This is usually a rhetorical question as the automatic answer is always "Mommy."

She surprised us, however, and said, "Um...Samantha do it." We asked her a few times, rewording the question and she just looked at us like we were idiots. She insisted each time that she was going to do it. We even tried to explain in terms of her routine, "Well, then you don't want any books?"

"I read myself." She explained.

We laughed and agreed, knowing that it was going to fall through when it actually came to it as she is a BIG time cuddle bug at bedtime. Just today, in fact I was wondering when we'd be able to wean her off the required rocking that we have to do to get her to settle down before bed.

I guess she read my mind and was up to the challenge.

So two hours later she is still insisting that she is going to do it. We set the timer for her to read books for herself, when it beeped she called for daddy to say prayers with her and she hopped into bed.

And. Has. Not. Made. A. Peep.

I'm not sure if I'm ok with this new act of independence, but for now I'm just calling it her anniversary gift to us.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Planned Parenthood is up in arms about loosing their Komen funding...which they claim is ignoring all their work they do to prevent breast cancer...
And yet Planned Parenthood promotes and distributes contraceptives...which increase the risk of breast cancer... it may be "slight" but the carcinogen level is the same as asbestos, tobacco, and solar exposure which most people take pretty seriously.

Wouldn't that be like a tanning salon getting upset for loosing funding for skin-cancer prevention?Link

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