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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Planned Parenthood is up in arms about loosing their Komen funding...which they claim is ignoring all their work they do to prevent breast cancer...
And yet Planned Parenthood promotes and distributes contraceptives...which increase the risk of breast cancer... it may be "slight" but the carcinogen level is the same as asbestos, tobacco, and solar exposure which most people take pretty seriously.

Wouldn't that be like a tanning salon getting upset for loosing funding for skin-cancer prevention?Link


Julie said...

I think the bigger deal is the planned parenthood is such a huge abortion pusher and abortion IS linked to higher risk of breast cancer. Planned parenthood and pro-breast-health just do not mix.

Kim said...

Abortion is a bigger deal, yes, but the research in inconclusive as to whether or not abortion increases a bc risk. Well, most of the research says yes, but a two studies done in '94 and '98 say there isn't a link so everyone likes to just look at those and say the rest are bogus. PP, for example, states that there is "NO LINK" between the two. Contraceptives, however, they admit there is a risk...but the decrease in ovarian cancer somehow cancels it out or something. *shrug*

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