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Monday, December 28, 2015

Advent Tree

This is our second year doing this and we love love doing it for so many reasons.  I didn't get a picture with all the gifts, but you can imagine!

First week of Advent.

Second week- BOY do they love turning on those lights!

Third week- they played with those ornaments for a good week.  I don't think the Frozen ones stayed on the tree for more than 10 seconds! 

Friday, December 25, 2015


Because of all of the sickness, Christmas was very piece-meal.  I didn't even go to Mass Christmas day/eve.  I don't remember exactly why, just that I wasn't feeling well at all.  Anyway, this year was the year of play dough, Legos and books. I'm still trying to figure out how to spread out the gift opening.  When they open more than 2 at once they get overwhelmed and just walk away to...read a book.  Ideas are welcome!
Chrismtas Morning!
Santa brought a bike and nursery center.

Mom and Dad gave lots of books and...
a Church coat!  I heard the squeal of delight when she discovered "I have POCKets!"

Yes, that's a Frozen Lego Castle.  Her Fairy Godmother went a little wild!

Yeah, I know, not many pictures.  That's what happens when mommy is tired/sick/knitting/reading during break...no one else picks up the camera!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Pictures

 Amanda used her amazing talent yet again to give us our amazing yearly pictures.
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Sweet Cousin kisses

Comparing the wardrobe 

This girl...

Stop. Growing. Up.

That's better.

Rail thin, cold and wrapped in my pagmina.  Charlotte, chunk to spare and in short-sleeves

Christmas Card!

Monkey see...

Olivia was NOT having it.

Sam trying to lift Charlotte...

...Charlotte being a good sport.

Still not having it.

Pausing a moment to adjust the forced smiles...

This series cracks me up....she saw a lady on a walk...


...and she waved back!

Nope, she didn't like the bridge either...

I love Kahlan in this one.

Such a goob!

Who she learns it from.

Running around her real quick and smiling didn't work either...

off to the swings!

HA!  Now she's stationary...

The winner

Favorite of Kahlan 
Favorite of Charlotte

A smile!  I believe a unicorn and a blue moon were present as well.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bumpiddy Bump Bump

14 weeks and a bad hair day

17 weeks...10th try to get a decent pic ;)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Potty Training, Take 2

First day is almost done and I'm quite exhausted.  Paying 99% attention to your child allllllll day long is exhausting.  But after 6 accidents this morning she finally told me BEFORE she peed "I have to go pee pee" and she's stayed dry ever since!

But currently, she has to poop....and is requesting her diaper.  So we'll see what happens!

********1 hr later*********
The poor thing was so uncomfortable.  I finally told her she could have ice cream if she did #2 on the potty.  20 minutes later I went out to Goodrich for some icecream for the girls!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Curse of Toys

Every holiday I have to use my imagination when family asks what the girls would like.  Because they really don't want to hear "books".  I, personally, would have LOVED to have had the toys they have.  And I know they're good, because when other kids come over, they actually play with the toys.  I've paired down what we have several times, and what's left we just can't part with (the ORIGINAL Polly Pockets, Jer's Legos, all the Disney Princess barbies, most gifted to us to a good friend who has since passed away, Baby toys, puzzles, GOOD dress-up items, playdough etc).  I can't tell you how many times I want to pull my hair out during long breaks when the only thing that the girls do is wrestle, fight over whatever toy it is Samantha has decided she NEEDS to carry around just to keep it away from Charlotte (or vice versa) and this:

 Seems so nice and quiet, right?  WRONG!  They're CHARGING UP!  Is it nice to have the peace and quiet?  Yes!  Do I marvel at how they get lost in books?  YES!  Will they stop and then expend all of their energy on loud noises and dangerous bodily feats until someone gets hurt?  YES.  Do I wish our tiny place was less crowded and see all the toys crying due to lack of use?  YES. 

now, the toys DO get played with....when other kids come over!  A friend once marveled in disbelief at how I was able to keep all the separate sets of toys together and separate.  She said it was because I "only have one".  Since Charlotte has come along and started playing I've realized it's not that- it's because they don't ever get played with.  My children are possessors.  They'll obsesses over one thing (a purse, a babydoll, a Lego creation, a stuffy) for weeks.  It will be coveted.  There will be fights over who gets to hold it.  It will be brought along to the grocery store, the bathroom, daycare.  It doesn't get played with, it's just carried around. Then, one day, it will be set down and forgotten.  But heaven forBID if someone comes along to play with it or move it!  Is this typical?  How do other children play?  All the kids that come to play play HARD with our toys.  My girls just watch in awe...my little ponies playing with the barbies?  Genius!  Dinosaurs on a farm? Way cool! Build a lego car without instructions?  Mind. Blown.

How do kids learn to PLAY?  Do I really need to model how to play with toys with them?  Isn't that supposed to come naturally?

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Ever since we've gotten the kitchen re-done Samantha has claimed this spot as "hers".  She tried to make it her play area, but we nixed that as she was never done playing with whatever it was she had left there 2 hours ago.  She loved it because her little shadow couldn't reach whatever it was she was doing.  But that hasn't stopped the little chunk from trying!  Homework is currently done like this:

I'm dreading the day Charlotte learns how to climb up...Levi needs to get to making our new stools (with backs) ASAP!

Ram Sam Sam

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