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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kids Say

Both girls go through phases that just baffle the mind.  A few months ago Samantha wanted to call me, "MA-MA" and Jer "DA-DA".  After a few weeks I realized I was cringing every time she said it and asked her to stop.  This week she's suddenly switched to "Mother" and "Father".  I could only take it for a week and finally told her this morning to stop calling me "Mother" and just say "Mom" or "Mommy."

We had a 60 degree day in December on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception- hello outdoors!  I took Sam and Charlotte outside and made suggested that Samantha practice riding her bike. For 25 minutes I made her she practiced amid whining, asking to go back inside, screaming "I HATE THIS STUPID BIKE!" and "I can't DO this!" and even one wipe-out that scraped her leg ("It hurts like I broke my bone!!").  I told her until she was trying and having a good attitude we'd keep going.  FINALLY her attitude switched and I huffed and puffed, "You ready to go inside now?"
"YES!....wait, one more time!"
We walked back inside and she said, "WHEW!  That was FUN!  Thanks mom!"

We were in the car and Samantha spending the morning making up lists of baby names.  She was on a roll with biblical names when I heard to say to herself, "Hm....God?  NO!  Silly, everyone knows you don't name your kid God."  A few seconds later she continued, "Herod?" then she spoke louder to me, "Mom?  How about Herod?"

The other night  Charlotte was patiently repeating over and over, "Daddy, don't get for my purse!"
 Finally I realized what she was saying and translated, "She's telling you not to FORGET her purse!"

Yesterday Charlotte  discovered the phrase, "I have a question."  Our conversation went like this:
"Mommy!  I have idea!"
"Really?  What's your idea?"
"I have a question!"
"Oh!  What's your question?"
"I don't know, I can't find it."
"You can't find your question?  Why don't you go look for it?"
"OK!"and off she ran.  About 30 seconds later she ran up to me with my phone and said, "WOOK!  I found my question!"

This week she's also decided that I'm no longer allowed to call her "Baby."  She used to say, "Mommy?"  and I'd answer, "Yes, baby?"
This week she snaps back, "NO- I CHAR-YOT!" and then asks again sweetly, "Mommy?"
She'll keep going round and round until I answer, "Yes Charlotte?"
Then she squeals, "EEE!  YOU SAID CHAR-YOT!"

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