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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Pictures

 Amanda used her amazing talent yet again to give us our amazing yearly pictures.
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Sweet Cousin kisses

Comparing the wardrobe 

This girl...

Stop. Growing. Up.

That's better.

Rail thin, cold and wrapped in my pagmina.  Charlotte, chunk to spare and in short-sleeves

Christmas Card!

Monkey see...

Olivia was NOT having it.

Sam trying to lift Charlotte...

...Charlotte being a good sport.

Still not having it.

Pausing a moment to adjust the forced smiles...

This series cracks me up....she saw a lady on a walk...


...and she waved back!

Nope, she didn't like the bridge either...

I love Kahlan in this one.

Such a goob!

Who she learns it from.

Running around her real quick and smiling didn't work either...

off to the swings!

HA!  Now she's stationary...

The winner

Favorite of Kahlan 
Favorite of Charlotte

A smile!  I believe a unicorn and a blue moon were present as well.


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