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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Clipper boycot abandoned

Click on the picture to see four small scabs (2 on the nose, one on right cheek and one on the eye). Fingernails were clipped without blood thanks to Daddy's funny faces and tasty fingers.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sugar High

I'm a teacher at heart. I can't help it- I LOVE explaining things to people (especially when they are wrong- but that's more of a vice than a virtue). That's why, even though I'm not in a classroom right now, I still get to be a teacher via presentations thanks to my Shaklee business. My goal is to do generic (ie don't mention Shaklee) presentations on Women and Kid's health at MilkWorks. Here is something similar to what I'd present. I love visuals, so there are a LOT of pictures to follow!

How much sugar are you (or your kids!) eating a day? Each cube is 1 tsp sugar. If you have a second, please count them up and leave me a comment as to how many you counted!

Monday, September 28, 2009


Finally! A video of her laughing! Wait for the end to hear the really good laughs.

Also, no, I will NOT be a zombie mom. Ew, Jer. Ew.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Little Co-Worker

This post will be less creative than most, as sleep has been absent most of this week, having been replace with illness.*

In every job I've ever worked, no matter how much I loved it, always had that one co-worker. You know the one. The one that gives your job the label of work. The one that you try to avoid on days you have little patience (or just every day, depending on how bad it is.) Well, I have found the perfect job. Working from home I have only one co-worker. She is very distracting and can drain me of all my energy (common traits to some previous co-workers), but I enjoy her company more than all my past co-workers combined (sorry Aunt Dannie!) The following are my view of her while I work. I think we make a pretty cute team.

*I'd like to note that the sicknesses are Samantha's. I know the ONLY reason I'm not sick is because of these suckers. One can only go on 1-2 hrs of sleep for so long!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Horizontal Child in a Vertical World

Samantha has finally decided to start using her legs other than kicking mommy in her sleep. She is still gettting use to the variety of ways to use her head whilst being held in her new perspective. I've decided we can live being a little more cramped and am going to be looking for an exersaucer or a johnny jump up at garage sales this week. I saw tons at the beginning of the summer, hopefully I haven't lost my chance!Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamantha!
nope, you over shot it- over here!
There you go! Hi!

Such a sweet baby!
No, this is a camera, not a phone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

EV-ery day

This summer I agreed to be Lucy's after school care. When we revealed this information to Lucy all we heard from her was,
"Kim and Samantha are going to pick me up from school EV-ry day!"
To which we would respond, "EVery day?"
And she'd chirp back, "Yeah! EV-ry day!"
She loves seeing Samantha EVery day. The two have quite a good time. Lucy loves not being the baby and Samantha likes the new face and endless source of attention.

Here are a few adventures thus far:
Lucy "helping" me take a weekly picture. She didn't understand the concept of a stationary swing.
She found my box of random toys collected (and broken) over the years.
This and the following were from a day we were lazy. Lucy got lots of goldfish crumbs and dirt on my side of the bed and Samantha gifted Daddy with spit-up on his side. Can anyone guess from the one frame what movie they were watching?
Lucy physically cannot sit still for longer than 10 minutes. She was over playing with Samantha intermittently during the movie. Notice Samantha's awe of Lucy.

They love story time too. If I get distracted, Lucy usually ends up reading the books instead.
The End!

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