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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Little Co-Worker

This post will be less creative than most, as sleep has been absent most of this week, having been replace with illness.*

In every job I've ever worked, no matter how much I loved it, always had that one co-worker. You know the one. The one that gives your job the label of work. The one that you try to avoid on days you have little patience (or just every day, depending on how bad it is.) Well, I have found the perfect job. Working from home I have only one co-worker. She is very distracting and can drain me of all my energy (common traits to some previous co-workers), but I enjoy her company more than all my past co-workers combined (sorry Aunt Dannie!) The following are my view of her while I work. I think we make a pretty cute team.

*I'd like to note that the sicknesses are Samantha's. I know the ONLY reason I'm not sick is because of these suckers. One can only go on 1-2 hrs of sleep for so long!

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That Married Couple said...

So cute! I'd take a coworker like that any day!

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