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Monday, September 21, 2009

EV-ery day

This summer I agreed to be Lucy's after school care. When we revealed this information to Lucy all we heard from her was,
"Kim and Samantha are going to pick me up from school EV-ry day!"
To which we would respond, "EVery day?"
And she'd chirp back, "Yeah! EV-ry day!"
She loves seeing Samantha EVery day. The two have quite a good time. Lucy loves not being the baby and Samantha likes the new face and endless source of attention.

Here are a few adventures thus far:
Lucy "helping" me take a weekly picture. She didn't understand the concept of a stationary swing.
She found my box of random toys collected (and broken) over the years.
This and the following were from a day we were lazy. Lucy got lots of goldfish crumbs and dirt on my side of the bed and Samantha gifted Daddy with spit-up on his side. Can anyone guess from the one frame what movie they were watching?
Lucy physically cannot sit still for longer than 10 minutes. She was over playing with Samantha intermittently during the movie. Notice Samantha's awe of Lucy.

They love story time too. If I get distracted, Lucy usually ends up reading the books instead.
The End!


Anonymous said...

Are you watching "the princess bride"? -Jennifer
PS your bedroom is very messy. Didn't your mother teach you to make your bed?

The Lukas Family said...

Cody got the Movie!! The Incredibles! Good show!

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