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Monday, September 14, 2009

Motivation to Clean

I love getting packages. Even if I know they are coming. Or even if it's boring stuff, like checks or business cards. I know exactly what's inside, yet I still open it with the eagerness of a child on Christmas.

Anyway, today was especially exciting. I (finally) got my Shaklee order. Took frickin' forever because the fedex guy kept leaving "Be back _____" notes on our door. GR! Just leave it at the front office!

Ok, so the REASON I was so excited was it had my cleaning stuff in it. I haven't been the best housewife the past 4 months (cough cough SAMANTHA cough cough) and there have been some pretty disgusting things growing around here. It's amazing how much soap scum and oven crud develops over 4 months. Suffice to say my right arm is sore from all the elbow greasing done today.

So let's recap... when do I clean?
  • When the place is filthy? Um, no- why would I do that?
  • After buying the stuff from the grocery store? Heck, that's stuff is lucky to be put away
  • When we have company? HA. Company. Right.
  • But send me a package of cleaning supplies in the mail and you may as well have sent the Merry Maids!

My other excuse to not clean has been financial. Believe it or not, the stuff at the store is expensive. Plus I hate all the smells and fumes. Anyone who has lived with me knows that no perfumes or nail polish is allowed (migraines).

Not to mention I did NOT want Sam around all those chemicals- especially since she has such sensitive skin. So, I finally ordered Shaklee cleaning stuff (what I grew up using) and now am a happy camper.

As you probably can tell by now, yes, this is another plug for Shaklee, but I would have talked about getting my present package in the mail, new business or not!

And for $$ saving moms out there- here's what I mean!

Ok, and I know a post REALLY isn't worth reading unless there pictures, so here ya go:
an impromptu visit to my parents' proved that great moms shop alike

one of my new favorite shots

Lucy in a thumb sucking/staring contest with Samantha
Both were so tired, they didn't care who won

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