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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chocolate-Ban lifted

Praise God! I can have chocolate again! AND I discovered Red Clover- it carries Earth Balances' Soy/Dairy Free Buttery Spread (I think the grocer at Open Harvest thought I was crazy- he said they carried all their varieties. I said he was missing one.) Now, I'm a HUGE fan of butter- and I mean the real thing too (can't stand margarine). But this stuff is good!
mmmm...buttered toast how I missed you...

Along with the butter spread I found my new indulgence (and reason for the stopped weight-loss)
Notice the key words on the lid: "Soy Free" "Dairy Free"
tastes like chocolate ice cream mixed with coconut...mmmmm

Proof that when mommy is happy, everyone is happy!

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Sandra said...

LOL Kim, you're hilarious! And to think that some people actually SURVIVE without "fun food!" ha ha What is it about indulging our food cravings? This week (now remember, I'm pregnant) I had an itch for Cocktail Sauce; so tomorrow I'm making breaded fish fillets, JUST so I can have cocktail sauce! How pathetic is that!!! :-)

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