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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kids Say

"La- la-la-la- basana."

"Nilk" (for milk)

"Matalia" (for Natalia)

Walking up to Katie's house in her sandals this morning the grass was wet with dew, 
C, "Oh no! the grass is wet and my feet are getting wet!"
Me, "Would you like me to carry you?"
C, "Yes! ...Oh, no. no. You have Genevieve in your tummy. I'll walk. That would not be appropriate.

I told Samantha to go look at a picture from when she was little and notice what she was wearing.  Then I told her to come back and look at Genevieve.  She got all excited and squealed, "Oh my goodness!  We have TWO of that outfit?!"

I was telling Jeremy and Samantha the story of a boy at a b-day party who had had 8 pieces of cake and was going crazy.  He was desperate for more and found a plate with 4 pieces, shoved another piece of cake (frosting side first) into his mouth and then spit back out onto the plate what he couldn't fit into his mouth.  His mother was mortified and was disciplining him.  It was a good lesson on self-control and what sugar does to you.  Sam's response, "Oh. My. Goodness....what was his NAME?"

"Why does he feel nice?" "why would you ride a cowboy to save a horse?" "Why would you blind? (misheard-sweet Caroline)"
-Samantha shouting at a wedding...
"Stop asking questions and just DANCE!"
-my response

Samantha, "Charlotte! Stop it! You're hurting my shadow!"
Jeremy, "Samantha, she can't hurt your shadow."
Charlotte- with evil grin continues to stomp harder on Sam's shadow

"*Sigh* How many more weeks until we visit my Godparents?  My heart is twisted in pain I miss them so much!"

Me, "Anything else for the grocery list that you can think of?"
Jeremy, "Tequilla! Rum! Vodka!"
Sam, "What? Are you speaking Spanish?"

C "Why are they making coffee?"
S "Because it wakes them up and puts them in a better mood!"

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