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Friday, July 29, 2016

2 months

Baby, I'm so sorry, but this will be short due to my lack of time right now!  Having a 2 year old who loves you just a little too much and a 7 year old who likes to pendulum swing between being mom and controlling sister, I just have so little time to be on the computer without them trying to take over you or my computer!

You are very easy right now.  You are already giving me an 8ish hour stretch of sleep at night and will put yourself to sleep 90% of the time.  That 10% is for when you are too over tired (due to said 2 year old that loves you too much).  That's when we go for a car-ride or I have to let you cry yourself to sleep...it takes you under 5 minutes and most of that is just fussing and working out burps.

For Charlotte, refulx medication never made any difference. For you, we have it down to a science and it makes a world of a difference!

You are all smiles when you've finally woken up for the day (around 10). Before that, you'd just rather nurse and sleep and stretch and nurse and sleep and stretch...I'm not sure how the mornings will go once we have to get back into the school routine.

At your appointment you weighed 11 lbs, 15 oz. 75% height and weight. You are in size 1 diapers...So far I haven't made the switch to cloth as we keep getting gifts of diapers or giftcards (which we use for diapers).  Just the other day I was in the mall and someone asked me to take a survey and I'd receive 3 weeks worth of diapers...um- yes please!!

I am only having to avoid tree-nuts thus far.  Your diapers become a nasty...grossness when I eat almonds.  So no nuts for me (which is a big deal considering we eat a LOT of almond flour!)

You are loved to pieces.  I call you our unicorn baby.  No one believes babies like you really exist!

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