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Friday, May 5, 2017

First Communion

Your first communion was THE event this Spring.
Your Godfather and honorary Godmother made a surprise trip up to be there with you!

We celebrated with STEAK!  Jeremy and Johnny couldn't be bothered to stop.  It was gooooood.

GG made your AMAZING dress.  With beads left over from when she made MY dress!

SO beautiful

Waiting for her guests

Rogene, who made our wedding cake, made Samantha's deliciously sugar-filled cake and cupcakes!  Charlotte informed everyone that those were "Chalices" on the cupcakes, not cups.

Johnny loved introducing himself, "Hello, I'm the Godfather."
These two!

Gabe :)
Saving for future wedding slide-show???

Little Luke Skywalker photobomb

Attempting a family picture (cause we forgot at Easter)

Oh well!

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