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Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday pictures

After a heated debate we let Samantha open one gift early to make sure it worked for that evening.
Snow cone maker, syrups and straws were good to go.

The cuz's and friend came over played in the dress-up clothes she opened (Thank you Rogene!)

Sam asked for a cookie-dough cake.  I'm not sure where that came from but I figured if I made it sans eggs we were good.

It was a hit.

Seriously, we had to pry the spoons away from the kids.
We also hosted a school-friend party.  Samantha was invited to every one of the kids' b-day parties from her class over the past year.  We only attended two, but it kind of set a precedent as to what to expect on one's birthday.
We didn't have the money to invite everyone in her class, nor to have it at Lost in fun or the Children's museum, so I decided to go old school and invite the kids over to play at our house.  

Mind you, that was in April that we decided to do this and talked to Samantha about it. 

Well, the party was a month after her actual b-day because I promised her one in April, forgetting that I'm a teacher and May is the worst month to try and plan a b-day party if I wanted to keep my sanity.  

And I'm pregnant, I'll throw that excuse out there too.
Anyway, we had cupcakes and hand decorated gift-bags (with tatoos, bubbles, glow sticks, lip-gloss rings and butterfly fans)

Guests arrived and decorated their own cupcake.
We sang, opened gifts and they played for an hour or so.  Only a lamp was broken in the end, so I'd call it a success!

The food and helper

Sam loooooves being sung to on her birthday.  I think it's her favorite part!





Typical Lucy :)

I'm not sure I'll do the "school friend" b-day again until she's older.  Just because it's kind-of awkward for the adults.  We'll either invite close friends and/or keep it to family.

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