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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This summer's project is getting our front patio area under control.  It was previously covered with bricks and weeds.  Today, with the help of an awesome brother and friend and college student who pitched in and Super Man himself, it is finally done!  As this was our second scheduling (and almost was canceled due to some rain this morning) Jeremy wasn't able to attend.

brick area before
Brick area preped

Brick area now cement area- perfect dimensions for a kiddie pool and shaded most of the day to boot!

Samantha from 10am-3:30pm minus a quick lunch, coloring and book break.  Super Man asked, "Who is she talking to?" 

To the left is the front garden I did last summer, to the right is the weed patch.  Yes we did it 1/2 on the neighbor's property.  Yes we got his permission when we happened to catch him months ago.  No, he didn't care.  He also doesn't seem to care about his roof falling apart, his yard being taken over by seedlings and mushrooms or his concrete being ripped apart by random trees roots that he lets grow "for shade".  But I digress...

Weed patch prepped

Super Man working on the weed patch.  The perfect distance on all sides from buildings to be able to grill or have a fire-pit!

Jeremy missed the whole event as he's on a mission trip in Oklahoma.  The only "hitch" was that I needed to call a lock-smith to get me back in my car for my phone and keys. 
Don't ask.

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Granddad and Grandma said...

Grandma asks, "Did you use AAA to get a locksmith?" It's included in the membership, she thinks. If you didn't, you can check and see if they will reimburse you...

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