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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bigger Bump

24 weeks with Charlotte
24 weeks with Samantha

I'm seven inches larger in the belly now than I was with Sam at this stage in pregnancy (I'm avoiding the topic of butt size and weigh comparison for a reason though).  I'm getting lots of people offering to help me do random and easy stuff.  I looooove having the bump this time, but have mixed feelings about the "help".  I like that people are noticing (ie I've surpassed the looking "fat" stage to looking pregnant stage), but I feel like I'm taking advantage of their kindness if I accept the help when it really is unnecessary.  Seriously, every time a stranger offers or just does something for me it takes me a second to realize why they are helping me.  I keep forgetting that I look pregnant!  It is very uplifting, though, that the site of a pregnant woman still instigates the urge to help her and take care of her.  There is hope for society!

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