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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Big Brother to Arrive in August

About a month ago all the teachers received an e-mail about an impromptu "concert" being held by a foreign exchange student who was going to play the piano for the first time in 6 years.  Aparently he's amazing.  I was unable to hear him play, but Jeremy did and said he was very impressed.  Shortly thereafter another teacher sent out an e-mail telling everyone that this young man was looking for a host family the following school year.  He's from Korea and both he and his brother are sent each year to my high school for education (going home each summer).  Jeremy and I have talked about hosting for a couple years now, but health and employment issues have taken priority in the past.  Thinking it was waaaay off in the future, Jeremy promised in December of 2011 that we could host the fall of the next-next school year (so fall 2013).  After getting this e-mail about this young man needing a home I forwarded it to Jeremy with the following message,

Now I know what you are all thinking, "Um, Kim?  Won't you have a newborn in October?  WHAT in the world are you doing!?"

And to be honest, we really have no idea what we are doing, but we have an empty bedroom that won't be used for Charlotte or Sam (we plan on them sharing once Charlotte moves from our bedroom). And I hate having that room empty.  Plus, after four years of constant doctor visits and hospital stays and moves, things have gotten a little dull around here, so why not throw a teenager in the mix?

But seriously, when God wants something to happen, he lays it all out for us, paving it with gold and planting beautifully shaded trees on the side.  HK (the future big-bro) is, according to all the other parents and students who have met him, responsible, a great student and amazing with kids.  When I met him and told him about my four-year-old and the new one to come his first response was, "I babysit!"  I laughed and told him we wouldn't expect him to be our babysitter, but I'm sure Samantha will love playing with him.  He doesn't do the cell-phone thing (thank GOODness) and his schedule at Pius matches pretty much what I spend there anyway (he's a wrestler-something my dad will eagerly follow I'm sure).  His previous host family (who knows my family and had to make a hard decision not to host him another year due to extended family responsibilities) were relieved that he'd be going to a home where he could continue to practice and grow in his faith, as he was just baptized a few months ago.  The best part is, if things work out, he'll probably stay with us for TWO years, since he returns each year and is only going to be a Junior. 

So anyway, there you have it.  Christmas pictures for the grandparents will be quite fun this year with THREE new kids to add.

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