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Monday, August 1, 2016

Genevieve's Baptism

June 19th
Awesome Godparents- more friends from Arkansas

I was so excited- G go baptized in the Chapel at Pius- where I work and graduated from.  Father went to High School with my parents and is a great family friend.

Such a chill Godmother...I'm convinced she's the reason Genevieve's become so chill so quickly.

She held so still...

Such a goofball!

Who would have thought...he'd be baptizing her grandbabies!

Sandwich and cake feast 

nom nom
I love the look on Denise's face here

Charlotte's Godparents and Godsister joined us as well!

My Godson!

She LOVED the day.  Friends, family and SUGAR!!!!!

Sweet Gemma

I need to slap whomever took this picture

She waited for 24 agonizing hours to eat the CAKE that was dropped off the day before.

Oh my goodness this was just heavenly

From scratch strawberry and vanilla swirl.  Y.U.M.  Thank you, Rogene!! (she made our wedding cakes too)

Our Godchildren.  Gerard is still not sure of us...

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