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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Circular Logic

The following was a conversation between another teacher and a student of mine who leaves quizes, tests and worksheets blank:

Teacher: Are you listening when Mrs. Lepper explains the lesson?
Student: Yes.
T: Do you understand it?
S: Yes
T: are you taking notes?
S: Yes
T: Do you ask questions when you are lost?
S: Yes
T: Does Mrs. Lepper help you?
S: Yes
T: Do you understand it after she explains it to you?
S: Yes
T: Then why don't you do your work?
S: Because I don't understand anything!


This morning, same student, 10 minutes after activity has started:

Me: Why haven't you started?
Student: I don't know what to write.
Me: What shape it this?
Student: Rectangle
Me: What's the area of a rectangle?
S: Base times height
Me: What's the base?
S: 6
Me: What's the height
S: 3
Me: So what's the area?
S: 6 times 3
Me: which is?
S: 18
Me: ok, good, write that down and keep going
S: But I don't know what to write!


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