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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Shirt

Today I had trouble finding a shirt. Please remember the following:

a) we live in a 500 square ft. apartment

b) I do laundry (and just finished it all yesterday)

c) I put the clothes in either our dresser or hanging up

So where, might I ask, IS MY SHIRT?!?! This morning I was frantically looking for my white undershirt. I was cycling through my drawers over and over. Anger was building inside me, "Where is it?!?!" I growled.
Jer was quietly reading on the couch. This was bugging me. There he was, reading, while I was obviously angry and had no one to pin my predicament on.

I considered just wearing a different shirt, as I was very late for work; but the shirt had ticked me off and it was personal.

I kicked my pillows around for the 3rd time, thinking maybe the shirt crawled under them while my back was turned. Nothing.
Grr...Jer was still not helping. The missing shirt was somehow partially his fault and he should be helping me look. Obviously he was not getting that message.

So I lovingly called to him, "WHERE IS THE &*%^*&$&% shirt?!?!?"

Jer tried to "help" by looking over my sholder while I looked for the 6th time. He quickly discovered he'd be more helpful looking elsewhere.

After 10 minutes of looking in sheets, the couch, under the bed, and my drawers for the 20th time, I gave up.

I've decided it's the cat's fault.


misssrobin said...
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misssrobin said...

Men looking for something is ridiculous. And it starts young. My 13-year old son can walk through a room looking for something and when I check it's right in the middle of the floor.

And you are totally correct, it was personal. That shirt was totally taking you for a ride. And then it shows up all innocent like. Don't buy it. It's all an act. Until the next time. Mwahaha.

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