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Sunday, February 15, 2009

27 Weeks

27 weeks: I've been sick (sinus crap) and the never-ending hunger has returned. I've been having random stretching pains (that can be self-induced, as I discovered whilst trying to pop my back). I do believe this all means one thing.

I have a tape-worm.

That, or some other little bug is growing inside me.

This pregnancy seems to be in a time-warp. I think I've been in the 20's for 3 months now.

May seems so far away- which is probably a good thing, considering we have 4 blankets and 20 or so diapers (for a 15-20 lb baby).

I think you're suppose to have more than that...

We'll see how this blog thing works. I follow 24 (and counting) blogs, so I figure it's time for me to share too. I've never been able to keep a diary, so this may just turn into a photo/video posting place for far away family and friends!

So, I figured I'd post some of our "plans" so we can all come back and laugh at them later!

1. We are hoping for a home-birth
2. We are going to try cloth diapers
3. I want to nurse
4. I would really really like a late April baby



Kati said...

Kim! I love the belly! Enjoy!

Amanda LaMartina said...

dude you think the 20s last long? oh man. youre in for a treat when the 40s hit ya.

naw, but i hope for your sake you DO get that april baby.

and home birth? wow. youre brave. i mean, i went without the drugs, but i NEVER seriously considered actually doing it at home. the idea of the ick was just too much for me. but damn, girl, more power to ya.

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