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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A- You're Adorable, B You're So Beautiful

So I was giving Sam a bath at my parents' place and threw Sam's foam letters in the tub with her (I'd forgotten I'd left some there).

And this is what I discovered my child can do.

(And I really don't know where she learned it)

Suggestions on what to do with her?


Granddad said...

No surprise there....after all, she is MY granddaughter.

Oh, all right, I admit that she has significant smarts from all sides of her gene pool!

Hopefully her love of learning will be as strong as her mom and dad's

Mammasita said...

Wow! Super impressed here!

Julie said...

Samantha is amazing, but perhaps it is the amazing parents who can also take some credit.

MamaFujan said...

WOW! There are some kids in Kindergarten that don't have all their letters down! WOW! I'm impressed!

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