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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Worlds Collide

Sam's diction has improved exponentially the past two weeks. Jer came home from Europe and was floored that I didn't need to translate anymore. She still has trouble with L's (Laundry is "draundry") but for the most part she is spouting off full and complete sentences that are clear as day.
Like tonight, for instance. We are reading "The Jungle Book" and we get to the page where Mowgli runs away. She sits straight up, puts her face close to the picture of him running off into the jungle and yells,
"Oh no! Be careful of the cars!"


Julie said...

I love the bike! J got one for her birthday but hasn't riden it yet.

Love the speech/language development, too!

Amanda LaMartina said...

Awww. With Fiona it's the S sound. Spiky hair is fikey hair, splinter is flinter, smash is fmash. How a "fm" sound is easier, I'll never understand. And even though Finn is pretty good at getting her point across, I still find myself translating for Nate pretty often. Sometimes it feels like I am bilingual!

Granddad and Grandma said...

Hmmmmm....she better start getting those "L's" right or she'll never be able to pronounce her last name correctly!!! ;-)

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