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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Costume Request

About a month ago I asked Sam, "Do you know what Halloween is?" fully expecting to explain the holiday traditions to her.

"Yep, I was a unicorn yesterday and you say 'trick or treat!' and you get lots and lots of candy!"

She must be part elephant or something.

Anyway, the next step was to talk costume.  After realizing she was now too small to fit in the infamous unicorn costume that my mom has, she declared that she wanted to be an orange kitty.

"How about a black kitty?" I suggested

"No.  I want to be an orange kitty."  Damn.  This has been her favorite color for over 2 years now and she is always insistent on everything being this color.  She was quite upset when she discovered her newly painted bedroom was purple and not orange.  Orange orange orange.

So, orange kitty costume it was.  I spent over an hour at a used kid's clothing sale trying to find anything orange.  Nothing in the girl's section, that's for sure, so I had to dig through the boys.  In the end I picked out the top from one outfit to be worn inside-out and pants from another.  I bought the ears and tail and the paws are black socks.

Violá- an orange kitty!

She wouldn't let go of the tail.

Would a collar with a bell be too much?

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