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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boys and Girls

Whilst having a marvelous evening at a friend's house, Samantha and the male son of the previously mentioned were told they were going to take a bath.  I pondered aloud if Samantha might notice something different about her male friend.  Shortly thereafter the following scene took place,

Male friend, "Samantha!  Take off your clothe5!"
Samantha, "WHAT is THAT?"
Male friend, "THAT is my pen15."

At which point a dance party took place in the hallway.  Jeremy did his best to hide his severe discomfort but I heard his telecommunication loud and clear while I giggled histerically. 

1 comment:

Granddad said...

As long as she doesn't get too interested in such equipment too early in life....LOL

Now, when she asks if Daddy or Mommy have one too....are you ready to answer???

Ram Sam Sam

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