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Sunday, August 18, 2013

He's Here!

Big Bro is here and Samantha is just beside herself.  Or rather, always by his side.  It's weird that I don't have her hanging on ME all the time.  He's so sweet and Samantha is testing just how much he'll say "yes" to.  After telling him all morning it is ok to say "no" to her he finally took my advice when she threw a frisbee and told him to "go get it." 

He and his brother (staying with another family) arrived last night and I guess he wasn't able to fall asleep until 6am this morning.  Samantha decided to help and woke him up at 7:15am.  We went to mass at 8, stopped by my parents' and he and Lucy and Sam chased after Tess for quite a while, visited a friend in the hospital and now he's taking a nap.  Samantha is so confused as to why he would be tired and I tried explaining it with an apple and a flashlight, but I'm pretty sure she's still lost.  When we told her yesterday that it was time to go pick him up from the airport she panicked,  "How are we going to get across the big ocean?!"

So some of it sticks, but not necessarily in a logical manner...

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