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Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Perfect Storm

My parents and little sister are sick and have been since Saturday (my back-ups). H is sick and I have to practically guard the front door to make sure he doesn't try and drag his fever-ridden self to school or the store and spread the "love".  Jeremy is currently in the ER because he got sick too and became dehydrated due to a lack of a large intestine.  Charlotte's baby sitter's husband is sick, so Charlotte is just a ticking time-bomb as far as getting sick. 

Sam is on her 5th round of the Frozen soundtrack as we are waiting for Charlotte to wake up so I can take her to school (never mind she just lost that due to ignoring me for the millionth time).  She needs to go to school as I have no patience for her energy right now (like sprinting in the living room back and forth, leaping over a stepstool in the middle of the room landing like a gymnist or standing on her head on the couch and flinging her legs back and forth from the wall to the couch overandoverandoverandoverand- I finally sent her outside). 

Charlotte is greeting me every hour on the hour at night and has been since I posted that she's been sleeping well...because I should have known better and not told the world that she was sleeping.

I finally said "I give up" and called in for a personal day.  Which is why I'm on my computer.  A teacher taking a personal day is as much work as it is to just go to work.  Which I will be doing anyway because I have to drop off stuff for the sub that I can't send electronically. 

All I can think about is how much I want to crawl into my bed and sleep for longer than 90 minutes...

for my own sanity I have to express my disbelief somewhere...I guess H was sicker than he was letting on and puked last night but didn't make it to the toilet...and then tried to hide clean it up with toilet paper and hand soap.  But he forgot the puked on rug that he'd tossed into the tub and didn't notice the puked soaked towels and robes on the wall...and didn't think to move the items that he'd puked around and get under them either.  I about blew a gasket when I realized that I'd sat Charlotte down on the floor with her blanket and binky...on the floor that he'd puked on and cleaned up with TOILET PAPER.  He later apologized saying he did some internet research and realized that he had been doing everything wrong to take care of himself (like chugging hot water he had boiled while he was nausous...my only guess is he thought the hot water would kill the germs in him??) and had put Charlotte in a lot of danger too.
End rant.  I need to get to bed and pray pray pray that I can avoid this bug.

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