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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Today was a great day.  A FANTASTIC day.  You made me tear up twice and didn't even know it.  I'm so proud of you.  Yesterday you were very frustrated when trying a new bike.  But today- today you asked to try again.  And you made it down the driveway TWICE! That's twice more than yesterday.  And then you calmly said, "Ok, I'm done now."

There was no screaming, no stomping, so throwing- You just got your other bike and went on your way.  

That was the first set of tears.

The second came when I checked my e-mail for the daily update from your teacher:

<Samantha is really growing up.  I haven’t even had to use the Stop & Go Bears with her.  I am just giving her extra screen time for her good behavior!  She has been a lot more patient, and stopping something without throwing a fit, waiting her turn and sharing.  I also don’t feel the need to email you daily anymore because she is doing such a great job!  So at this time, I would like to just see how see does to help her transition and get ready for first grade.>

Reading it again, I am going on my third set of tears. I am so. dang. proud of you!  This gave us such a sigh of relief and a peace that has been so long-awaited. 


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