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Monday, August 10, 2015


My mom wanted some updated pictures of the grandkids.  So she and Amanda surprised the girls one morning and took them on an adventure! (across the street :) )
My dad got ahold of the camera while it was sitting on the table...

She lived on this bar before the break and is living on it yet again.

We call this the "wheels are turning" look

She's into winking right now...especially when she's in trouble!

She knows EVERYthing, in case you were wondering.

Those eyes...

And hers....

I think this is my favorite of Sam.

She makes this face all.the.time.  Drives me nuts.  She thinks it's hilarious. A wonderful sound of "aAAAAAAAAEHHHH" usually comes with it at a very intense volume and pitch.

The curt, bow and headband are iconic for her right now.

I wasn't there but I think my mom told her that the tree was whispering to her...

Wheels were turning...not believing it so much...


Yes she is really naughty right now...

...and it's REALLY hard to follow through with a consequence with this face of hers!

This one LOVES the grass.


That wink.

Her pout.

And crazy face.

Her grin.

These two.  Such goofs.  I'm framing this one for BOTH of them!

The Grin at 22 months

A brown-haired, taller version of Sam.

Sam was mad about something and E was gleefully ignoring her.


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