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Saturday, October 3, 2015


Oh, my baby, you turned TWO today!
 We all still call you our baby, but you are anything but.  You speak in 7 word sentences, clear as a bell.  As we go out and about the comments as to how well you talk are never-ending.  The pediatrician asked for an estimate of how many words you could say.  I just looked at her blankly.  I finally settled on  "1000" when she suggested, "20? 50? 100?".  I finally answered, "Really, she says anything we say."  "Oh, so she can parrot?" I just agreed, figuring it was easier than trying to explain.  You really are vocal.  You ask, "What time is is?" quite often, and no matter what we answer you insist that it is "45".  I'll never forget the first time you asked in the car, "Where going mommy?"  Seriously, what 20 month old asks that?  Now it's every time we're in the car.  You usually try to argue with me as to where you'll be going for the day.  No matter where we are going you want to disagree.  We're going to Grandma Dean's- you want to go to Mimi's.  We're going to Mimi's?  You want to go to Grandma Dean's.  We're going to Katie's?  You want to go to Dr. Justin's (our Chiropractor). You just love to disagree.

Oh, how you like to disagree.  With a grin you sit in time-out.  You like to "scream" and them put yourself into time-out.  Once you even made yourself go to your room.  You are such a stinker.

You have very much discovered what it is to push everyone's buttons.  You ALWAYS want to be by your sister, but just.can't.help.it and have to make her scream within 2 minutes.

You are our Lefty.

Our Puzzle queen.

Our Choco-holic.
Your birthday included chocolate-banana muffins, double chocolate cookies, chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cake.  The Jordan's came by last minute and their eyes got as big as their heads!

Our Baby Lover.

My 2-year-old morning nurser (you ain't letting that last feeding drop for NOTHing).

Our Goober.

After every gift you stood up and yelled "WOOKWOOKWOOKWOOK!"  to everyone in the room.  Then she'd yell thank you to a random person.

Our Binky baby.

Oh that binky.  It's strictly limited to sleep-time and at Mass, but sometimes mommy is just too tired in the morning to hear you scream for your "B" and I toss it at you on the way to daycare.  I'm not sure how to break you of it.  Or if I even want to.  It truely is your security blanket.  And with all the transitions you make between your FOUR possible care-takers, I really don't want to make you go without.  But you're starting to get a rash on your chin from it and your teeth are ever so slowly tipping forward.

You are 75% for height and 50-75% for weight (26 lbs).  We're not sure how you are staying so chunky, considering you are our picky eater.  You prefer things made with sugar.  Our new diet did a number on your temper, but now a stash of chocolate to bribe you with helps.  But if allowed, you'd live off of yogurt, kefir and chocolate.  And goldfish.  Although we don't have them, you still somehow still con your way into getting them at Miss Katie's.

We love you Charlotte!  We really can't remember life before you and couldn't imagine life without you.

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