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Sunday, January 29, 2017

8 months

Oh Baby, Baby Baby!
You are so easy, but are giving us a run for our money with naps these days.  Your top two teeth are on their way in.  We've figured out some solids for ya and you love everything if it sweetened with a fruit.  
You have just started the rocking back and forth on your hands and knees.  It's about time!  Your funky butt-in-the-air-with-head-on-the-ground-scoot and superman pose is hilarious, but not so good for pooping.  
Always poop problems with my kiddos.
You are in 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers and will probably never grow hair due to everyone constantly rubbing your bald head.

Mommy on 3 hrs of sleep!

This freaks your daddy and me out. You sleep FACE DOWN.  Charlotte slept with blankets on her face.  WHY??

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