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Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 month old

I'm going to try and do a video and milestones each month (to the day, not by weeks).

So, here goes month number 1!

-smiled at me on the 16th
-poor thing has been fighting a diaper rash for 3 weeks now. Bag Balm seems to be the only thing that helps- but this means no cloth diapers at the moment
-she likes to sleep on her side; and by "like" I mean won't sleep in any other position
-she recognizes my voice and Jer's- she'll look for him and start gulping at the air when she hears mine (like a little birdy waiting for it's worm)
-she will hold her hand out sometimes for me to play with while she's nursing
-she is balding on one side of her head... Kind of looks weird.
-The hairdryer is our best friend. Keeps her calm while awake and will instantly stop a crying frenzy.

oh, and as she shows in the video- her nickname is Squeaker.

She isn't the best sleeper (unless in my baby katan, but I can't sleep while she's in it, unfortunately). Some nights we're up every 1/2 hr, some nights (like last night!) up every 3. Today I'm working really hard to get her on a schedule of some sort. The 5 minute naps and 1am bedtime are killing me!

scratch that, I think we're sick. She slept for the most part today from 10:30 am to 4pm.

oh, and as of her 3 1/2 appointment she weighed 7lbs 2oz.

The End

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